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House Of Cards Season 5: Chasing The Enigma That Is Zoe Barnes

Before the House of Cards season 5 befalls us, it is essential to take a trip down the memory lane to Zoe Barnes. A character so ephemeral, yet quaintly compelling.

Initially, Kate Mara’s Zoe Barnes was second only to Kevin Spacey’s Frank Underwood in series’ hierarchy. Zoe had a parallel story-line playing in conjunction with the affairs of Washington. Her mettlesome convictions got the better of her, one could argue. Perhaps, it was just an interesting and well-thought story arc from Willimon. She didn’t quite make it to the House of Cards season 5, but she’s still in show runners’ thoughts. At least, taking their latest tweet into account.

House of Cards Season 5: Zoe Barnes Tweet

The official Twitter account for the Netflix political drama took the fans by surprise with one of their recent tweets. Zoe Barnes, in all her glory, seated by the window of a car with a phone and an odd smile. She was probably talking to her then flame Frank Underwood. Unaware of the ramifications of such an association, naive and dangerously intrepid, Zoe was. Even though she was absent for the better part of the series, she leaves a mark far too deep.

Fans were quick to react to the tweet, of course. Some began to weigh-in the prospects of a twin due to make an appearance soon. Also, some fans initiated a debate that her character had more to give to the show. The truth is, she’s long gone. However, the show runners were kind enough to bring her memories back through Frank’s hallucinations. Wasn’t she ridiculously pretty!

A mutually beneficial deal that brought her close to Frank, got him to her bed. Zoe came to the forefront of the journalism scene, but her own fixations became her problems. Once Peter Russo got on Frank’s wrong side and died a horrifying death, Zoe began to smell something fishy. She saw the patterns and realized that things aren’t adding up as it was supposed to.

Zoe Barnes Death And Aftermath

She had choices and she made hers. Between playing a partner-in-crime and going foolhardy, she chose the latter. Besides, she couldn’t quite stomach the fact that Frank destroyed and murdered an honest man. Little did she know that she was to follow soon. Frank ruthlessly put an end to Zoe’s maneuvering and the leverage she had.

The apparitions of her old self are constantly haunting Frank, not to mention. It only goes to prove the influence she had over him. An impression that lasts longer than a lifetime, an undying void that cannot be filled. She didn’t have an endgame, no penchant for power and certainly no reason to fall prey to a diabolical politician’s savagery.

It won’t be a surprise if she appears in Frank’s delusions in the House of Cards Season 5. The new season is due on May 30, 2017.

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