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House Of Cards Season 5: Making The Best Out Of The Show’s Tweets!

Democracy is overrated, isn’t it? Perhaps, the Twitter logline of the show could be less idiosyncratic. The show’s Twitter account is gearing up for the House of Cards season 5!

The penultimate scene of the previous season is a testament to the show’s ruthlessness. A journalist has a substantial report on Frank’s shenanigans that is due to go public anytime. Besides, this report can potentially jeopardize Frank’s election campaign. On the parallel side, there is an incident involving Muslim fundamentalists and an abduction. After all the deliberation, Frank makes the best of both the circumstances.

Come House of Cards season 5, he will bring terror, of course. An imminent war and to what end? A subterfuge, or simply a damage control on the journalist’s report. That’s Frankie for you, ladies and gentlemen!

House of Cards Season 5: Twitter Posts

Seems like the Twitter account for the Netflix political drama is upping the ante for the upcoming seasons. Case in point, there are sporadic tweets with a snippet of the past episodes. Not only these cryptic posts are succeeding in provoking the fans’ thoughts, but are quaintly satisfying in itself. The first of these posts began on Jan. 30 and are getting intense as they come too.

First post shows an indifferent Frank Underwood at Garrett Walker’s testimonial, without an iota of solemnity. Perhaps, the show runners are representing a vicious circle of life here? Things are equally as precarious today as it was then for Frank, obviously. Subsequent GIF portrays a Frank on a waterrower rowing machine, sweating it out. He contemplates something along with another political acquaintance.

Zoe Barnes And The Nuances

Zoe came and she conquered, but before long she fell prey to Frank’s ruthlessness. In her defense, she was just too naive for Washington’s ways. Today, as we head to House of Cards season 5, it’s like Zoe never existed. So much has gone down after her untimely demise, of course. The show runners, however, still remember the enigmatic character, courtesy of the GIFs they post.

Besides, the Twitter account has some odd alluring posts too. An insect trying to crawl out of an empty glass, a blade and an origami and a Zoe in all her glory. Perhaps, all these are saying something? A pattern difficult to arrive with a random set of posts, but there has to be a pattern. Why else would they pick those? Not out of the ordinary, when they post a Frank Underwood doing push-ups with formal clothing. May be a subtle hint to the terror he’s about to unleash? Only time will tell – May 30.

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