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House Of Cards Season 5: It’s Not Going To Be Cancelled

Even before the fourth season was released, House Of Cards Season 5 has already been confirmed and renewed. So, rumors that there won’t be a fifth season are completely false. But, how true is it that President-Elect Donald Trump may be the reason for a cancellation?

The show’s creator, Beau Willimon, has already stepped down. This led some to believe that the fifth season will be cancelled. Reportedly, Willimon is trading TV politics for real-life politics because Trump won. He is founding the Action Group Network, which is essentially an anti-Trump organization.

The connection between House Of Cards Season 5 and Trump

Even before Trump won the White House, a lot of Hollywood celebrities have been criticizing his policies and comments about women, the environment, and immigrants in the US. Willimon is one of the most vocal personalities against the businessman-turned-politician. In November, he warned Americans on Twitter against Trump’s plan to “destroy” the nation.

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House of Cards Season 5

Screen cap from the Twitter page of House of Cards

But Trump’s victory doesn’t seem to be the reason why Willimon is leaving the show. Reports have it that he is focusing on writing an original series, which is the reason why he will not be a part of Season 5.

It’s quite interesting to note, though, that he was still a part of Season 4. It is only now that the show’s cast is about to begin taping for the fifth season that his plans have been revealed. Melissa James Gibson and Frank Pugliese, two senior writers who have been with the show since 2014, will be the showrunners.

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House Of Cards Season 5 release date and plot

Unless there are any delays, the fifth season of House of Cards should begin early 2017. Previous premieres were in February, except for Season 4, which started in March.

It can be remembered that the fourth season ended with Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) declaring an all-out war against a terrorist group called ICO. This was in an attempt to create chaos and draw the public’s attention away from Claire’s (Robin Wright) lover’s expose.

With House Of Cards Season 5 soon to be released, we sure can’t wait how Frank and Claire’s manipulations will come into play again.

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