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House of Cards Season 5: Get To Know The Knew Faces

“We make the terror.” Those were the last words that President Frank Underwood uttered before the screen last faded to black. Since then, the same words were used in the House of Cards season 5 reveal trailer, along with the ominous image of the upside down American flag. There are clearly dark days ahead for the Netflix original series.

But Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright (as wife Claire Underwood) aren’t going to be taking on the US’s questionable future alone.

The Hollywood Reporter previously reported that at least two new faces will be joining House of Cards season 5 in major roles: Patricia Clarkson and Campbell Scott. Who are these newcomers, exactly?

Get To Know The Faces

Patricia Clarkson has been on TV since the early 90’s. She’s known for playing Sara O’Connor on HBO’s Six Feet Under, where she featured from 2002 to 2005. For that, she won a pair of Primetime Emmys for Outstanding Guest Actress. She also played Annie Hoffman on Murder One from 1995 to 1996.

Clarkson has also got quite a few credits on the big screen under her name. She was Melinda Moores on The Green Mile, and Olivia Harris on The Station Agent. More recently, she played Emma Stone’s mother Rosemary on Easy A, and villain Chancellor Ava Paige on The Maze Runner and its sequels. Most notably, she was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for playing Joy Burns in 2003’s Pieces of April.

We make the terror.

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Campbell Scott‘s breakthrough performance was as Victor on Dying Young, where he starred alongside Julia Roberts. He would go on to star as Bob on Big Night, Roger on Roger Dodger, and Ethan Thomas on The Exorcism of Emily Rose. Most recently, he played Peter Parker’s father Richard Parker on The Amazing Spider-Man and its sequel. Cambell has also been credited as producer on various shows like Royal Pains and Damages.

The War On Terror

As for now, both Patricia Clarkson and Cambell Scott’s roles for House of Cards season 5 remain a mystery. We do know that President Underwood has declared all out war on terrorism around the world. That’s a movement that will surely have divisive repercussions. We should expect that Clarkson’s and Scott’s characters will take stances either for or against the President in that regard.

That would open the door for further political statements. And that’s something the show is unlikely to shy away from under the real-world presidency of Donald Trump. There must be a reason they announced the premiere date on his inauguration day, after all.

House of Cards season 5 will be the show’s first outing under the helm of Frank Pugliese and Melissa James Gibson. They act as the new showrunners following creator Beau Willimon’s departure from the show. It hits Netflix on May 30, 2017.

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