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Homeland: How To Make Muslim Depiction Better And Fairer

Homeland may be an award-winning show but even Mandy Patinkin knows there’s still much to improve upon. In what sense? The actor believes that the show hasn’t depicted the Muslim community fairer and better. But all that is about to change as the show is on its sixth season.

Improving Homeland

Mandy Patinkin who plays CIA official Saul Berenson in Homeland said in an interview with The Associated Press that the show is “deeply important” to him.

Patinkin starts by mentioning all the stereotypes and the generations of bad guys in films. There used to be the Indians and the cowboys, the Nazis, and the Russians. But these days, Muslim terrorists have taken center stage in films.

The actor went on to express that the political drama “unintentionally” was not helping the Muslim community in their own portrayal and that they take responsibility for it. He even shared that he knows writers would also want to correct the wrongs they’ve done because of storytelling.

“We’re part of the problem,” Patinkin acknowledges. But he also adds that they want to be part of the cure for that. They are currently working to do better in their story. He urges everyone to watch the whole show and not just snippets of it. This sixth season, Patinkin said that viewers will see who the bad guys are, adding that there are surprises in store for viewers.

The drama also stars Claire Danes. In this new season, her character Carrie Mathison returns to the United States to help American Muslims.

It’s nice to know that the actors themselves are aware that they need to depict the Muslim community better. They may just be faces on TV but the message they send reach out to every household and can change the views people have on who the real bad guys are these days.

One may not be aware of it, but what you see on TV already plays a huge role in viewing things differently.

Patinkin On Making America Great Again

Patinkin has praised the Muslim community for their part in the world’s civilization. Aside from starring in the show, Patinkin is also making a difference in his own life by working with refugees as part of the International Rescue Committee. In line with this, he has asked President Donald Trump to cater more and welcome people from war affected areas.

Trump recently revised his travel ban. Instead of seven countries, the president has reduced it to seven but it is still noted that these countries are all Muslim nations. Patinkin has urged Trump against this move on America’s refugee program.

Patinkin is aware of the president’s campaign to make America great again. But the actor pointed out that the way to do so is to “encourage” and “nourish” the citizen’s “moral and ethical” nature. Patinkin begs the leaders of every country and the United States to work together and listen to the people in need.

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