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Hibike! Euphonium Season 2: Asuka Leaves Permanently, Spoilers!

The season’s anime are coming to their own endings and one of this season’s highly anticipated animes, Hibike! Euphoniu,m leaves everyone on the edge of their seats. Kitauji High School’s band managed to make it to the Nationals and everyone practices thoroughly. However, problem struck the club as the most loved member, Asuka, stopped going to practice.

Two episodes ago, Hibike! Euphonium introduced Asuka’s Arc as she played with her instrument one morning. Oumae saw her play and wondered why her melody sounded melancholic. At the end of the episode, Asuka self-studies at her house when her mother arrives, foreshadowing the former’s impending problems.

Hibike! Euphonium Season 2 Episode 9 Recap, Asuka Shows Her True Self

The anime series’ latest episode showed the real side of Asuka. The episode still focused around Oumae as she prepares to come over and study at Asuka’s house. During Episode 7, Asuka invited Oumae to study at her house even though the latter never asked for any help. This surprised Oumae making it hard for her to refuse.

At the height of the episode, Asuka revealed that the famous Euphonium player was her father and that he gifted her a Euphonium when she was just a child. She told Oumae how she has it hard because she had to study well in order for her to be able to play the Euphonium.

Asuka lied that she loves her mother, but Oumae saw through her and the former admitted that she hates her mother and that she’s shackled for life. Asuka then reveals that Shindo, her father, will be a judge in the Nationals and she wants to make him hear her play.

The episode ended differently from the other episodes as the ending music was Asuka’s playing solo with the Euphonium. The last scene showed a torn piece of paper that looked like a letter that says, “To Asuka”.

Asuka Leaves Kitauji Permanently

With still a few episodes remaining, the anime still has to conclude Asuka’s arc. Fans are wondering how Asuka will get out of her situation as she describes her mother to be “a bit crazy.” When her mother went to Kitauji High School to force Asuka to quit the band and the latter rejecting her, she immediately slapped Asuka. She then regrets her action and apologizes to Asuka making it look like their roles were reversed.

The only way this anime could avoid the cliché is by Asuka leaving the Kitauji band. Asuka’s character, enveloped in mystery, managed to capture everyone’s curiousity. In the anime, she has done a lot for the other members while she gets nothing in return. She appeared to be cruel and selfish, but only because she really wanted to continue to play unlike anybody else. She said that she doesn’t play as a hobby.

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