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Grimm Season 6: Eve Is Trapped, Can She Return To Monroe And Rosalee

In Grimm Season 6 Episode 11, Eve’s journey through the mirror will take a turn for the worst. We’re sure she’ll eventually rethink her idea of going through the mirror on her own.

NBC released an exclusive clip from Friday’s episode. There, we saw the Hexenbiest wake up in a cold, eerily quiet forest all alone and with no one to turn to. Sure, she can see her friends, but she has no way of connecting or contacting them.

Grimm Season 6 Is Getting Grimmer

Pun intended there, by the way. Even though Eve already slipped through the mirror in Grimm Season 6’s Where The Wild Things Were, she can still see her friends and wanted to contact them, obviously. She cannot, and therein lies the dilemma where she found herself into.

Grimm Season 6Ping Bauzon | Tripped Media

Screen cap from the Twitter page of 101 Reasons

Thankfully, Monroe and Rosalee figured out that Eve used some magical incantation to get through the looking glass. This was evident when they saw and reviewed the blood-magic spell in Catherine Schade’s book. Monroe and Rosalee summoned Nick, Eve’s ex, and Adalind to try and save Eve.

The question is, will they be able to figure out the exact incantation that Eve used to get through the looking glass? How can they transcend into this totally different and eerie portal? Will they even hear Eve from that dimension?

If they do find the right incantations, who will sacrifice their freedom for Eve’s? We mean, no one wants to get stuck in an enchanted dimension with no clue how to get out of it, right? Even if your other friends will remain on Earth to figure things out, that’s not something anyone in their right mind would want.

In other parts of the teaser, the gang showed that they trust Renard now, enough to tell him what they have been up to. What role would Renard play in the remaining episodes remain to be seen. What we’re actually aware of is that there’s bad news coming and Diana’s at the center of it all.

Eve And Nick To Reunite?

The final episodes of Season 6 will surely bring Eve and Nick closer. It’s quite obvious from the teaser that it’s going to be Nick who’ll follow Eve into the mirror. Soon, they will find themselves in uncharted territory, bringing them closer than ever before.

Will Eve and Nick reunite in Grimm Season 6? We hope so, but only time will tell.

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