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Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Needs To Take A Different Approach; Episode 18 Details Here!

With only seven episodes left before Season 13 ends, Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 viewers expect Shonda Rhimes and her pool writers for better storylines and possibly, explore the “Merlex” relationship. On the other hand, we have a sneak peek of Ellen Pompeo’s directorial debut in Episode 18’s Be Still, My Soul.

A Punchy Storyline For Grey’s Anatomy Season 14

Is Shonda Rhimes’ medical drama losing its luster? Avid viewers are not ecstatic with the story arcs released in Grey’s Anatomy Season 13. Fans expect Season 14 to have more punchy and better storylines for its characters.

Cosmopolitan reports that while Ellen Pompeo’s fans understand that the actress needed to take a bit of time off to spend time with his son, they expect Pompeo’s character, Meredith Grey to get more focus compared to exposure in Season 13.

Also, fans are interested to see Rhimes explore Meredith’s relationship with Alex (Justin Chambers). The outlet notes that while some expect them to take their relationship to the next level, there are those who just wants to see them develop their friendship further.

Another suggestion is for the show to explore the same relationship, but with two men. According to the source, the show has not yet explored this storyline. Moreover, introducing this might bring back the sexiness and intensity that the show lacks for its 13th season.

The possibilities for new storylines in Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 are endless. There are still some angles in the series that are worth exploring in hopes that these will bring the show to its exciting stage.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 Episode 18 Spoilers

Meanwhile, Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 will air its 18th episode on March 30. TV Fanatics got still photo releases of what Grey viewers can expect on Ellen Pompeo’s directorial debut. The latter report notes that the episode will a dinner party arranged by Maggie (Kelly McCreary) and her mom, Diane (LaTanya Richardson Jackson).

In the still photos, the doctors enjoy a sumptuous meal that Maggie and Diane prepared. Moreover, it shows that Jackson (Jesse Williams) and Maggie are friends again. The two had a fight because Jackson did not disclose her adopted mother’s secret. Now that they have ironed out their issues, the two doctors will team up and come up with a plan to save Diane. Can they save her or is it too late?

This mama/son moment! ❤️❤️❤️ #GreysAnatomy #TearsOfGreys

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Also invited to the dinner is Maggie’s biological father, Richard (James Pickens Jr.). The outlet notes that this is going to be the first time Richard will meet the woman who raised his child. Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 Episode 18 will air on March 30 on ABC.

What are your suggestions for Grey’s Anatomy Season 14? Do you agree with the possible storyline between Meredith and Alex? Share your thoughts with us!

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