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Grey’s Anatomy: Alex-Meredith Romance Possible, Justin Chambers Says

Thirteen seasons won’t change the recurring motif of some shows – Grey’s Anatomy, especially. Things like cringe-worthy hook-ups, for starters!

Alex-Meredith, for the most part, are like siblings. They have gone through thick and thin together, yet stay on the same page, somehow. In the wake of Patrick’s untimely demise, a grieving Meredith wasn’t looking for romantic liaisons. In due course of time, she is embracing a life without Patrick and there comes rumors afloat. A romance in the cards for Meredith? Justin Chambers’ Alex and Meredith to hook-up? The Grey’s Anatomy actors themselves give their verdict.

Grey’s Anatomy: Alex-Meredith Prospects

Speaking exclusively to E! News, Meredith’s interpreter Ellen Pompeo gives a rather downbeat stance on the possibility of Alex-Meredith romance. “Justin is one of my favorite people on the planet, she adds, “we are really close.” However, Ellen feels that the thought of having Justin’s character as her love interest “feels weird.” Not to mention, Ellen says that it would be like kissing her brother! Phew.

It’s not hard to catch the gist of Ellen’s statements meaning that she doesn’t fancy such an union. Also, she wouldn’t be entirely comfortable if the narrative arc ever comes to that. “I’ll be honest”, Ellen asserts, “It’s weird to kiss anyone other than your husband.” That wouldn’t be the case if she didn’t like her husband, but – turns out – she does! Hence, she rests the case!

In another interview earlier, Justin was bombarded with a similar proposition. Justin, on the other hand, won’t denounce the proposition. With Shonda Rhimes as his boss, can’t rule anything out, he says. Even though he finds it weird, he just can’t deny the possibilities. Besides, “they are like siblings”, Justin proclaims, before establishing that he doesn’t see it happen anytime. Fans are crying foul already!

Fan Response

Upon hearing from the grapevine that Alex-Meredith romance was in the cards, fans begged to differ, mostly. The fans took such an audacious union in disdain, needless to say. Twitteratis were divided in opinion, like always. ‘OMG I hope Grey’s Anatomy don’t go there’, urged an user. Perhaps, some think otherwise.

“I totally think Meredith-Alex relationship should happen,” says an user. Important to understand that an union such as that will swing both ways in reception, obviously. The ABC show has seen a constant fan base over the years and apparent hook-ups aren’t a way to go. Ellen and Justin have voiced their hesitations over such developments. Now, it’s indeed Shonda’s decision to make.

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