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Gotham: What To Expect With Firefly and Mister Freeze Return, Jerome’s Resurrection

The excitement is palpable as Gotham Season 3 heads to its twelfth episode. This episode becomes more interesting as one of the most loved characters makes a re-entry. The revival of dark villain Jerome will generate a lot of discussion for the TV series.

The makers of the show have penned down the revival of Jerome, Firefly and Mister Freeze in the TV series. Jerome (Cameron Monaghan) was thought to be dead until now. The character made an exit during the Rise of the Villains arc in the second season.

Resurrection of Jerome in Gotham Season 3

The executive producer of Gotham John Stephens believes that fans will be happy to see Jerome return to the show. After missing for a whole season, the dark character is back in action. According to the producer, Jerome will be the same but have an ‘altered’ appearance.

John Stephens says, “Someone who has basically gone through death and come back to life has a very different point of view. He (Jerome) also has a grander point of view. It’s odd to say he’s more psychotic than he was before.”

Bruce’s Place in Jerome’s Plotline

TV Guide reports John Stephens talking about Bruce and Jerome’s confrontation in Gotham. He says, “[Bruce] really gets pulled into the Jerome story. We really see a big step that he takes. Another brick in that wall [of the Batman philosophy] gets built in episode 14, and it gets built via Jerome. Jerome being the stand-in for the person we know he probably is out there. it’s, for us, really significant that that guy ends up informing this part of Batman’s mythology.”

If fans are happy about only Jerome returning, they need to brace for the second half of the season. After the Jan. 16 episode, there is going to be another two episodes till the show goes on a break till April 2017.

The second half of the season will bring back other villains Firefly and Mister Freeze. Stephens says that fan ought to brace themselves to go deeper into the Court of Owls.

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