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Good Ratings May Lead The Way For Sherlock Season 5

Sherlock Season 4 had very good ratings when it aired in early January. Steven Moffat, one of the hit series’ showrunners, said it would not be impossible for BBC to approach them for a Season 5. Then again, he would also be happy if Season 4 was the last we’ll see of Sherlock and Watson.

Since the ratings were “extremely good,” Moffat is sure BBC has high hopes for another season. But for that to be possible, Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock Holmes) and Martine Freeman (Dr. John Watson) must have the time, the schedule, and the inclination. Every year, Moffat said it makes it a bit harder to invite the actors to do the show.

How Can Sherlock Still Be Possible?

“Every year, you’re making a less exciting offer to them: do you want to do more Sherlock? Do you want to do even more Sherlock? Do you want to do even more Sherlock again?” Moffat said in a report on Christian Post. The show has been very rewarding, and it was such a phenomenon since it started in 2010.

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Both Cumberbatch and Freeman have been household names since playing Sherlock and Watson. Cumberbatch went on to play the role of Doctor Strange while Freeman has been busy with The Hobbit. Although they are both open to doing more Sherlock, lining up their schedules would be almost impossible.

So, if ever the production and the actors agreed to do another season, it would be a while before Season 5 is brought to the small screen again. Fans, we’re sure, would not mind. They are so used to waiting for three years before another season of the show begins again.

For the meantime, fans can take comfort in the knowledge that BBC hasn’t completely announced the show’s cancellation. Though there was no confirmation, too, it’s very likely we won’t hear from BBC about it.

Season 4 Is A Good “Ending”

The final episode of Season 4 did not end on a cliffhanger, unlike Season 3. There were still many questions left unanswered, but Season 4’s Eurus episode was enough for now.

Moffat said they are quite content with how they ended last season, if that was really the final one for Sherlock. In fact, it felt pretty much like a definitive end because there was that hauntingly beautiful montage showing Sherlock and Watson’s lives.

Sherlock may not have another season on the horizon. But, the past seven years have given us so much, it feels almost selfish to ask for more.

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