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Glee Reunion: One More Reason To Watch Flash And Supergirl Crossover!

Two years since its finale aired, some of the kids from Ohio are getting an unlikely Glee reunion. Only this time, it’s in Central City. The Flash is going to feature a crossover episode with Supergirl, which will introduce Darren Criss as the Music Meister. He joins the titular superheroes, Grant Gustin as Barry Allen and Melissa Benoist as Kara Danvers. All three as Glee alumni.

And the most exciting part? The episode is shaping up to be a musical episode. So as much as we’re going to see the Flash and Supergirl knocking bad guys out, we’re going to see them singing and dancing.

Who Is The Music Meister?

The Music Meister first appeared in 2009 as a villain on Batman: The Brave And The Bold animated series. He was one of the most outrageous villains on the show (which is saying something, given the Dark Knight’s rogue gallery). That’s due to the nature of his abilities: he can put people under mind control through his music. Typically, that involves the victims under his influence to break out into song as well. He was voiced by Neil Patrick Harris in the cartoon, so Criss will be expected to put his own spin on the character.

And it looks Darren Criss was roped in, in part, by none other than Grant Gustin himself. “I’m like, ‘dude, we gotta get you on this thing’!” Gustin had said, during a 2015 Entertainment Tonight interview. “I don’t know in what capacity, but he’s got to.”

“With our Flash and our Supergirl being Glee alums, how could we not have them go up against another Glee favorite like Darren Criss?” EP Andrew Kreisberg told TV Line of the Glee reunion, with apparently the same amount of anticipation. “We can’t wait to see what he brings to the Music Meister.”

Glee Reunion: A Chorus Line

Old Glee fans have already been introduced to the main cast’s vocal chops on the comedy drama. Benoist’s Marley Rose was a member of McKinley’s New Directions; Gustin was Sebastian, a member of their rival a capella group, the Warblers; Criss was Blaine, who had been a member of both.

But according to TV Line, the trio will be joined in the episode’s musical numbers by other Arrowverse members. Jesse L. Martin (Joe), Victor Garber (Dr. Stein), John Barrowman (Malcolm Merlyn), Jeremy Jordan (Winn) and Carlos Valdes (Cisco) will be singing as well. The cast’s collective Broadway experience ought to lend the episode some punch.

Excited for the Glee reunion on The Flash? Let’s hear it in the comments below!

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