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Girl Meets World: Show Creator Hints At Possible Season 4 Renewal!

The news of Girl Meets World shocked fans when it was announced that Disney cancelled the show after three seasons. However, there seems to be a glimmer of hope when rumors of renewing it made rounds online. Reports are now rife after show runners teased at a possible spinoff on a different network. Read on to know more!

Girl Meets World Season 4 could be picked up by a different network

In a report from E! News, creator Michael Jacobs explained how he is doing what he can to keep the show running. He even teased how hard at work he is, trying to keep the show alive on another network or even a streaming service.

“There are talks underway, but we’re at the very very beginning stages,” Jacob said in an interview with TV Line. He further explained how it was the “audience’s reaction to the cancellation” that inspired him to move forward with these discussions. “We’re doing it for the audience,” he even emphasized.

Girl Meets World fans launched their own campaign to keep the show alive

In an effort to make networks listen to their plea, fans launched a paper airplane campaign on Tumblr. The campaign is geared towards Netflix and Disney Channel to pick up the show. Jacobs said how this “propelled” interest in a possible renewal on another TV network. “Networks want to do something to gather an audience. The fact that there is an audience who has been so loyal says a lot,” Jacobs explained.

The campaign urged fans to make paper planes that are small enough to fit in an envelope to be mailed out. Further detailing how can be part of the movement to keep Girl Meets World on the small screen. Other fans have taken photos of their own paper planes and shared it on the social media page. Moreover, it has become a hub for all loyal followers of the show to get together and discuss their mutual love for the show.

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