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Girl Meets World: We Might Just See Season 4 With A New Network

When Girl Meets World aired its season finale last Jan. 20, it felt like the series was saying goodbye for the final time. It was titled Girl Meets Goodbye, a fitting one for what will be the series’ final episode with Disney Channel.

In the episode, Topanga Matthews (Danielle Fisher) opted to stay with her “bay window,” calling it her home. She earlier received a job offer in London, and thought shortly of uprooting her whole family for it. The decision was not such a shocking one if this is a season finale because it meant we can still see Topanga’s adventure next season.

Girl Meets World will have Season 4?

However, Disney Channel already decided it’s time to pull out the rug from Girl Meets World. Michael Jacobs, creator of both Girl Meets World and the original Boy Meets World, hoped for a fourth season. But, he was realistic about the way Disney is packaged for kids while his characters are moving to high school.

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That is the reason why he wrote the season finale as a possible series finale, too. He knew that most Disney shows get canned after the third season. However, Jacobs leaving Topanga with her bay window made it seem like the series is ready for a fourth season.

It was a way to thank the fans, Jacobs said, who he does not want to be left hanging after more than 200 episodes of Girl Meets World.

Where would Season 4 be?

Jacobs remains hopeful that another network will pick up the series. He wants to continue telling the stories fans have fallen in love with. Fans originally cajoled Netflix to pick up the series for the next season, but the video-streaming network is reportedly not interested.

So, with Netflix out of the picture, what is next for Girl Meets World? Season 4 would have talked about dealing with changes and losses. Jacobs said he is sure fans would learn a lot from what his ideas about Season 4 are.

If ever a network picks up Girl Meets World, that’s well and good for Jacobs. If not, he said they had a good run with it, and he’s content with what he accomplished.

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