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Gilmore Girls: Netflix Already Preparing Second Revival

Will we see Rory and the rest back again in another Gilmore Girls sequel? Recently, there have been hints that the show is getting a second revival on Netflix. How true is it? Read on to know more about the details regarding this show.

Gilmore Girls Back Again?

The recent Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life was such a success on Netflix that the streaming company is looking into the possibility of having a second sequel. Ted Sarandos, Netflix’s Chief Content Officer, has apparently told UK’s Press Association that talks are underway. However, he described it as “very preliminary” and this could mean just the beginning which won’t have any confirmed results soon.

Nevertheless, Sarandos said he hopes it happens. Sarandos knows how fans loved the revival of the show and actually delivered what fans wanted to see. He cited that it would have been disappointing to wait so long for your show to come back only to disappoint you. But the show didn’t. Executive producer Dan Palladino and series creator Amy Sherman-Palladino made sure the show delivered. In fact, Sarandos added that they have been talking to the two again about the possibility of having another sequel.

It is known that Netflix earned 7.05 million subscribers for the fourth quarter of 2016 and A Year in the Life largely helped with those figures.

Last December, Sherman-Palladino spoke to TVLine regarding the return of Rory and the rest. Amy said that having a Gilmore movie right after the original series ended made her think that wasn’t going to happen. But she’s not saying no and wouldn’t want to rule out that possibility.

Although, she did say she and Dan are tired. She added that they’re stepping back now. But hey, she still didn’t say no; so let’s all keep in mind that someday, another sequel could happen.

A Year In The Life

A Year in the Life didn’t run for a series of seasons but rather just four episodes. Yet it was enough to bring the nostalgia back. The theme of the series was set in each different season, with the ending revealing Rory’s pregnancy.

Alexis Bedel who plays Rory was grateful to be able to do the show again. She shared how she wants to make sure they’re all doing for a great reason. And it has.

Do you think Gilmore Girls should come back for another season? Or are things fine the way it ended? Let us know!

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