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Game Of Thrones: Forget The Targaryens, Varys Is The Real MVP!

Don’t go all offensive on me now for calling Varys the real MVP of Game of Thrones. Turns out, if you think otherwise you might not be paying attention.

Game of Thrones is at the pinnacle of its action, thanks to the impending battle to come. The stage is set for the confrontation and things are about to go down, nevertheless. The crux here is that there are too many players and everyone has an agenda and an endgame. Except Jon Snow, for he knows nothing! A retrospection into the past events paints a different picture of the actual players, however. Forget the King of the North, the Mother of Dragons and Cersei “raving-mad” Lannister, it’s indeed Varys and Littlefinger you need to watch out for.

Real MVPs Of Game Of Thrones

Going down the memory lane to the time when damsel Daenerys was betrothed to Khal Drogo, it was done under Varys’ behest. It was indeed him who told Illyrio to give Daenerys the dragon eggs and put Jorah in charge. Considering what Daenerys accomplished til now, it’s only right that Varys gets his credit. Also, he is the one who testified against Tyrion initially, but aided in the latter’s escapade later on.

Not to mention, Tyrion’s escapade led both of them to Deanerys in due course. Just as Daenerys was ready to set sail, he is at Dorne cutting a deal with Tyrells and the Sand Snakes! Voila! He has his little birds doing all the dirty work for him while he conquers people who are conquering kingdoms! Not bad for an eunuch, ehh! Varys’ interpreter Conleth Hill spoke to Huffington Post and shed light on his counterpart MVP, that is Littlefinger.

Here we have a guy who is unscathed after plethora of misdemeanors and shenanigans. Besides, he rides his luck like no other in the Game of Thrones. It was indeed Littlefinger who gave madness a push by getting Lysa Arryn poison her own husband, Jon Arryn. What followed was chaos in Robert’s kingdom and finally culminating to the war to come. Bravo Littlefinger, bravo!

Varys And Littlefinger: Deadly Duo

Under the circumstance, Littlefinger has Vale at his disposal. He has leverage on Sansa and Jon, thanks to his last-moment intervention to save the day at the Battle of the Bastards. Besides, he makes his Iron throne ambitions clear to Sansa. He has his eyes set on the prize and his conniving ways are paying off just fine. Look at the mess he made all by sitting at his brothel!

Varys, on the other hand, has ambitions that is as covert as Jon’s Targaryen roots. Nobody knows for certain! Conleth says that there are good chances that both Varys and Littlefinger might face-off soon. Considering Daenerys is heading towards the capital and Jon’s at Winterfell, an alliance between the two is all it takes for Varys-Littlefinger reunion. Two masterminds, two different armies and one goal – power. Well played, both o’ ya!

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