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Game Of Thrones News: Sisterhood Of The Stark Sisters!

Game of Thrones actors Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner can’t get enough of each other. The on-screen sisters’ sisterhood goes beyond the camera.

Together they are called ‘Mophie’! They roll together on the red carpet, frequent social media posts and that’s just for starters. Moreover, they share a chemistry that is a rarity in the contemporary entertainment industry. Since their breakthrough roles in the Game of Thrones, they have come a long way together, indeed. Maisie opened up on her ‘big sister’ in the latest episode of This Morning and fans will dig this!

Game of Thrones: Stark Sisters

Mail Online reports the takeaway from Maisie’s interview, where she comes clean about her fears. Turns out, Maisie has apprehensions in the awards ceremony if Sophie isn’t around. Furthermore, Maisie says that it’s ‘wonderful’ to have someone of the same age from the ‘normality’. Sophie and Maisie are both 20 and 19-years-old respectively.

The Arya Stark interpreter is happy to have had someone to stay by her side through the years of filming. Although their characters didn’t see eye to eye in the series so far, that certainly didn’t change their off-screen relationship. Also, they largely spent the better part of the series apart from each other. Rumors have it that it is there is an impending reunion between them in the seventh season of Game of Thrones.

On a different note, the host was all praise for the duo in the light of their Golden Globes appearance. Maisie was quick to add that it was indeed ‘lovely’ to tag along Sophie. She retrospectively talks about her transition from dancing to acting. Much to the host’s dismay, she remains coy about the plot of the upcoming season of the HBO series.


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The Future

As far as their characters’ story goes, it’s debatable to a large extent. Sansa has her survival instincts and plays her cards right. Arya, on the other hand, is in a league of her own. She’s invincible as it stands today and has a list of people to annihilate. Considering Arya is on her way back home and Sansa is home already, they might catch up soon enough.

The imperative argument is if they’ll see eye to eye under the present circumstances. Chances are slim due to their conflicting self-interests. While one is hell-bent on seeing justice done to her family, other has her eye on the throne. If they do arrive on a common ground and work alongside, rest assured, they’re a force to reckon with!

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