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Game of Thrones Season 7: The Wait is Long and Full of Spoilers!

Unlike the previous seasons, Game of Thrones season 7 will be a bit tardy. The reason makes the wait all the more exciting!

David Benioff and and Daniel Weiss are seemingly leaving no stones unturned for the Game of Thrones season 7. Initial reports had it that the show runners will wrap up the HBO show after a good 13 to 15 episodes. Under the circumstances, it’s safe to hope for a 7-episode season in the summer of 2017. The crux here is that the show runners are taking same amount of time they used to for the 10-episode seasons. Not to mention, postponing the release date by a couple of months.

Game of Thrones Season 7

Ser Jorah Mormont’s Iain Glen sheds light on delay and other details to the Radiotimes. The exiled knight has a prominent role to play in the upcoming season too. Furthermore, he says that the GOT realm is at a moment where all the pieces of the puzzle is coming together. Due to the impending showdown in 15 hours of the show, show runners are resorting to a methodical approach.

Moreover, the makers realize the importance to tie all the loose ends and leave nothing on an ambiguous note. Iain Glen testifies to the fact, and David and Dan are handling the show’s swan song in a best possible approach. In addition to that, David Benioff spoke earlier to the press regarding the status of Game of Thrones season 7 too.

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The show runners “know the end” since some time now, he says, “we’re hurling towards it“. Prominent characters are finally coming to the forefront to face each other. Daenerys sets sail, Jon has the North, Cersei has the throne and Winter is here. The stage is set and the build up so far was stupendous, needless to say.

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The Swan Song

As it stands today, Glen will reprise his role as Ser Jorah in the upcoming season, but he’s skeptical about the final season. “Of course, I don’t know“, he says, talking about his prospect of being in the last season. Glen has a few good things to talk about the show and the people behind it too.

The new season will arrive no sooner than Summer and taking David’s word for it, it will be exciting as ever. Considering all the delay and efforts that has gone in, it’s safe to hope for an eventful season. While the greater part of the plot is hush-hush, spoilers are rife too. The wait is long, of course.

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