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Game of Thrones Season 7: Sansa has a ‘Taste for Killing’

Don’t be surprised! It was apocryphal for a while now. Sansa Stark will go darker in the Game of Thrones season 7 apparently. At least, according to Sophie herself!

The reminiscence of all-in-black Sansa coming down the stairs of the Eyrie hall keeps coming up. So naive, so tender, yet so enigmatic Sansa isn’t just a survivor today. She’s indeed a person who thrives at the expense of people who put her through the unthinkable. Did she find her niche now? Is she done with her conniving ways? Not even close! Wait till the Game of Thrones season 7 comes around to see Sansa go berserk.

Game of Thrones Season 7: Sansa’s Endgame

First things first – Sansa went through horrors until the previous season and none have endured the kind of pain she has. Except Theon, of course! Best to leave Theon “Eunuch” Greyjoy out of the equation for he’s always at the receiving end. Sansa, however, plays her cards right. She has leverage on the likes of Littlefinger himself. You go girl!

Vulture caught up with Sophie Turner recently and got the actress talking about the Game of Thrones season 7. Giving her the benefit of doubt, fans are likely to encounter a much darker Sansa. Besides, she is done with her end of the filming and asserts that she’s in the game now. Not to mention, she’s going to play “ruthless”!

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All right Little Bird – Good luck with that, but the game is to what end? Queen of the North? Too cheesy, perhaps. Irrespective of what her endgame is, she has an agenda, obviously. So does her partner in crime and wannabe lover Littlefinger too. Together, they’re a force to reckon with in the upcoming season, turns out.

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In Conclusion

Whatever Sansa is made of, she is not remotely in the same league as her siblings, truth be told. Arya is an invincible assassin, Bran is likely the three-eyed-Raven and Jon is, well, he’s the peculiar one. He knows nothing. Case in point, Sansa has a gargantuan task to get ahead of the curve. She stands slim to no chance at all, but hey, it’s GRRM we’re talking about. Nobody ever wins in the Game of Thrones remember.

Considering Sophie’s words, seven episodes in the Summer of 2017 and the Winter at the doorsteps, it’s better to Brace ourselves. It’s going to get whole lot bloodier folks. Believe that!

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