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Game of Thrones Season 7: Sansa as Queen, More Death in King’s Landing, SPOILER ALERT!

Theon Greyjoy, played by Alfie Allen dropped some juicy spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 7. “More dragons, more torture!” says the actor. As to who will receive the torture this time, Allen remained silent.

Theon, who started as a tyrant and later became Ramsay Bolton’s slave, has one of the most character development in the series. Recent pictures of the set revealed that Daenerys, Jon Snow, and Theon will meet but Allen didn’t confirm whether this will happen in Season 7. He said that if they do meet, Theon will feel guilt but will use it as a chance to redeem himself.

Sansa with a new found power?

Sophie Turner dropped huge hints after a fan posted unconfirmed spoilers on Reddit. She said that Sansa is more in control in Season 7 and has a new found power. Whether the power is political or supernatural, Sansa will have a power trip and will develop a conflict with other characters.

"Your name will disappear." @sophiet poses with #Ramsay at the @wbpictures #SDCC booth. #WBSDCC #GoTSDCC

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The novel hinted that all Stark children have Warg powers even though the TV series only showed Bran who has discovered it yet. Fans are most excited about Sansa’s character development since the last episode of Season 6. A scene foreshadowed Sansa’s evil side when she smiled as she walked away from Ramsay Bolton’s dying screams.

More death in King’s Landing, possibly Jaime’s?

The production trailer recently released by the Game of Thrones Youtube channel gave us hints of what we can expect. One subtle hint is the eye stones which gives a clue that there will be more significant deaths. We know that in funerals, especially in King’s Landing, eye stones are put on top of a dead person’s eyes.

The series never showed any scene of this ritual in other houses aside from the funerals in King’s Landing. In the teaser, a staff distributed the manuscripts on a glass table. The reflection on the glass table shows what seems like Jaime Lannister’s rugged face.

This could be a part of the promotional poster for Season 7 as it holds more focus on Jaime’s character. Aside from Cersei, no other characters in King’s Landing hold a significant death but Jaime. In the first season, Ned Stark was sitting on the Iron Throne in the poster, but he died.

Game of Thrones Season 7: Sansa as Queen of the North, Becomes Evil?

From the production teaser, Sansa’s voice was played in the background during her last conversation with Ramsay Bolton. “I’m part of you now,” says the voice of Ramsay Bolton as the teaser shows the Winterfell’s dog cages and torture chambers. Also, a staff wrote “Sansa’s Chair” on a piece of wood which hints her becoming a queen.

This is a very big possibility because what could be another reason for Sansa getting a chair unless she becomes a Queen of the North? There is already an existing throne chair in Winterfell and Sansa might merge House Vale with House Stark through Littlefinger’s help.

This Sansa tyranny connects the dots with Sophie Turner’s “power trip” hint and the foreshadowing of Sansa’s personality changes from the last season. Watch out for more Game of Thrones Season 7 updates.


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