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Game of Thrones Season 7 News, Update, Spoilers: UFC’s Conor McGregor Joins Cast

Game of Thrones Season 7 news and updates have been aplenty with fans wanting to know what will happen in the show’s last season. As per recent updates, UFC fighter Conor McGregor is joining the show.

With tension building up, alliances waiting to happen, and bigger battles promised, what is in store for the show’s seventh season?

Game of Thrones Season 7 cast

The show’s previous seasons rarely included new stars. However, it is of great interest to many that UFC’s lightweight champion Conor McGregor has been confirmed to join season 7.

A report from Polygon, however, debunked the rumor of McGregor joining the show. It was during a Fox Sports Live interview when UFC President Dana White confirmed that the 28-year-old fighter was joining the show. He said the Game of Thrones executives were interested to add McGregor to the show. But no acceptance has been made until recently.

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“I knew that a few months ago they were interested putting him in the show. I’m glad he did it. It’ll be great,” White went on to explain.

Game of Thrones update: What is Conor McGregor’s role?

While there hasn’t been any confirmations regarding what McGregor’s role would be, Polygon cites a fan-made website Watchers on the Wall that the UFC fighter’s role will be “a pirate belonging to Euron Greyjoy’s crew, on the ship Silence.”

Another report from Winter is Coming notes that the ship is dubbed Silence because the vile Greyjoy has “cut the tongues out” of the crew. That said (pun!), there has been no other announcement made as to whether Greyjoy would have any lines to mumble, if at all.

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Game of Thrones news: Why Conor McGregor is part of Season 7

While McGregor’s role is in talks of being albeit a cameo, the same publication notes how showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss are also huge UFC fans. After releasing a statement that the show’s seventh season will be the last, they thought it would be perfect for McGregor to make an appearance because of the athlete’s Irish heritage.

With Conor McGregor joining the other baddies on HBO’s hit drama show, many fans can only speculate how his chemistry with Euron Greyjoy, as well as the other characters would be like.

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