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Game Of Thrones Season 7 News: Ed Sheeran To Guest In Upcoming Season

Ed Sheeran is all over the place. Even in Westeros. In recent Game of Thrones season 7 news, the 26-year-old Grammy Award winner is confirmed of starring in the hit HBO TV series. Read on below for more details of this unconventional guesting.

Surprising Game Of Thrones Season 7 News

Having Ed Sheeran in a fantasy drama series like Game of Thrones isn’t a surprise. The singer has guest starred as Sir Cormac in FX’s The Bastard Executioner in 2015. But still, having Sheeran confirmed in the latest Game of Thrones season 7 news is still quite a shock as fans are left wondering why he’s in it in the first place and what role he’s going to play.

According to creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, getting the British singer was for one of their cast Maisie Williams (Arya Stark). Williams is a huge fan of Ed Sheeran that Benioff said they’ve been trying for years to get Sheeran as a surprise for her. This year, they finally arranged for it to happen.

Now isn’t that sweet? Williams is loved by Weiss and Benioff that they’d do this just to make the fangirl in her happy. This isn’t the first time that the Game of Thrones casted people in the music industry. Members of Coldplay, Sigur Rós, Of Monsters and Men and Mastodon have all made their cameos in the show.

As for Sheeran’s role description and specifics, nothing has been revealed so far. We’ll just have to wait for more news or be surprised to see Sheeran’s face (if he’s not going to be heavily disguised as a White Walker that is) when season 7 comes.

Six Episodes Only

In addition, creators Benioff and Weiss announced that season 7 would only have six episodes. Game of Thrones is notable for only having ten episodes per season. But this upcoming season changed things.

However, that doesn’t mean we’ll be getting less of the quality content. Actor Liam Cunningham who plays Sir Davos Seaworth spoke to IGN recently. Even though the upcoming season would only cater to six episodes, Cunningham said the “size and scale” of the show would make these episodes “epic”.

Are you as excited as Maisie Williams probably is to have Sheeran and all these “epic” episodes for the upcoming season on July 16? For more Game of Thrones season 7 news and other updates, keep posted on Tripped Media.

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