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Game of Thrones Season 7: Emilia Clarke Contemplates A ‘Mind-blowing’ Season!

It is a wrap on Game of Thrones season 7! It will be mind-blowing too. Take Mother of Dragons’ word for it!

Much like her character in the HBO series, Emilia Clarke is a queen in reality too. Albeit, in social-media platforms. The latest from the Breaker of Chains is a lip-sync to R. Kelly’s ‘I Believe I Can Fly’! Additionally, her captions reveal the conclusion of the filming of Game of Thrones Season 7. Emilia contemplates a mind-blowing season on top of the vibes she feels in the wake of the impending filming wrap.

Game of Thrones Season 7: Filming

Contrary to the conventional July-December filming schedule, show runners had a September-February session. Primarily, to capitalize the Winter, also, to plan the course of the finale of the hit show. There’s a necessity to tie up all the ends and give a befitting closure to the story of seven kingdoms. Emilia Clarke’s latest Instagram post is a testament to show runners plans, reports Entertainment Weekly.

Many moons have gone past since Emilia started out as a bride to Khal Drogo. Perhaps, she was destined to greater things. Only Cersei stands in between her and the Iron throne, under the circumstances. She has set sail to reclaim what’s rightfully hers and will do so at any cost. Is that what Emilia means by a ‘mind-blowing’ season? We don’t see why not!

On a different note, the number of episodes is a good seven this time. Chances are that the episode duration might get longer, but nothing is for certain. Considering that show runners took ample amount of time to film Game of Thrones season 7, it might as well be longer. What is certain, is the fact that things are about to go down soon!

That feeling when at last you're a day away from wrapping season 7. I BELIEVE THIS ONES GONNA BE A MIND BLOWER…?? #itakemyjobseriouslyiSWEAR…

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Plot, Cast And More

Arya Stark interpreter Maisie Williams had a thing or two to say about the upcoming season too. She’s skeptical about making it to the end of the show fearing that her character might die. Not that the fans hate to see her go, but anything can happen in GRRM’s figment of imagination. Too many favorite characters might spoil a broth that is a realistic conclusion, of course.

All things aside, Jon Snow might meet an ally in Daenerys. Rumors were rife about an impending meeting between the formidable duo. Besides, they fight for a common cause. Seven episodes in the upcoming season and six in the subsequent, a lot can change, of course. All things must come to an end and so does Game of Thrones. Only, one can hope for an end – satisfying and atrocious!

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