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Game of Thrones News: Remembering Maester Aemon and his Words of Wisdom

Peter Vaughan leaves a legacy far bigger than merely a Game of Thrones role. He passes into oblivion, but his character’s words linger around.

A career in acting has its flaws and perks. Almost in equal measure, too. Out of its many benefits, age exclusive opportunities is perhaps the most beneficial one. At least, that’s what Peter Vaughan thought. He spoke in several occasions about his career choice and was thankful to its entirety. The Game of Thrones actor drew his last breath at the age of 93.

Game of Thrones‘ Maester

Peter Vaughan was no spring chicken during his days of playing Aemon Targaryen. Needless to say, the British actor fit the role quite well. His character’s temperament, words of wisdom and a stance against injustice commanded a lot of respect. Not only from the Night’s Watch, but also from the fans of the HBO show.

He forsakes the throne which was rightfully his, took an oath and became a part of the Night’s Watch. Furthermore, he led a life of chastity, grew old in service and stood as the senior-most of the Watch. Blindness couldn’t quite stop the maester from making an impact on people’s lives. Especially on Jon and Sam.

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Words of Wisdom

I will not tell you to stay or go. You must make that choice yourself, and live with it for the rest of your days — as I have.” Jon contemplates desertion from the Watch and joining his family’s cause to avenge their father. He isn’t quite sure, however. Maester Aemon intervenes and says the above line which makes a huge impact in Game of Thrones subsequently.

He further adds, “Love is the death of duty and duty is the death of love“, speaking to an agonizing Jon. “Nothing makes the past as sweet a place to visit as the prospect of imminent death“, he says to Sam. He then encourages Sam to confess his love to Gilly. Needless to say, Samwell Tarly does just that!

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Indeed, nothing beats his famous words of encouragement to Jon, “Kill the boy and let the man be born“. Besides, this is the watershed moment to Jon too. He then goes on to achieve unimaginable success. Mester Aemon isn’t around to hear Jon’s exploits, of course. “No man was wiser, or gentler, or kinder than Aemon“, Sam says at Aemon’s funeral. “His watch has ended“.


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