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Game of Thrones’ Jacob Anderson: The Silly Debate On Grey Worm Actor’s Privates

No doubt many actors fall to the clutches of typecasting inadvertently. Game of Thrones‘ Jacob Anderson aka Grey Worm’s privates are dubious in real world, turns out.

Actors constantly face the threat of being typecast to a certain role after an astounding success playing the said role. Case in point, A-listers like Harry Potter‘s Daniel Radcliffe and House M.D.‘s Hugh Laurie went through similar ordeal. Game of Thrones‘ Jacob Anderson, who plays Grey Worm in the fantasy drama series is no aberration, of course. The catch here is that the joke is on his privates. No, seriously!

Game of Thrones’ Jacob Anderson aka Grey Worm

Firstly, there’s no silver lining to being a eunuch. Also, who gets castrated by choice anyway! The leader of the unsullied had little to no choice in the matter, perhaps. Not to mention, the same applies to all his comrades too! Daily Star reports Jacob’s take on the fans response on the street. Call it over the top or a plain banter, but it’s least bit funny to Jacob when people take him a eunuch in reality!

Jacob says that fans keep bombarding him with questions on the existence of his willy! The Grey Worm actor manages to see the funny side of it at times. Sometimes, however, he feels that people are unable to see the fiction and reality apart. It just goes on prove how realistically Jacob is portraying his character.

On a different note, Jacob is a R&B musician in the making too. He goes by the name Raleigh Ritchie while he’s on the stage getting in the groove. Furthermore, the English actor is famous for his portrayal of Omen in the movie, Adulthood. Nothing quite like the take-no-prisoners role he plays in the HBO series, obviously.

The Upcoming Season

Game of Thrones‘ Jacob Anderson is done with the filming of his character for the upcoming season. His character was last seen accompanying the Mother of Dragons in a voyage to claim what is rightfully hers. Under the circumstances, it’s safe to hope for a Grey Worm in action.

Jacob wasn’t generous enough to let go of the plot for the obvious reasons. He asserts that he would dare not tread on that path. The 26-year-old actor is glad to be a part of the ‘best show on TV’, additionally. To make it clear again, Jacob is doing pretty solid down there and enough with the eunuch banter already!

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