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Five Offbeat TV Series to Watch that are Least Disappointing!

Looking for TV series to watch that don’t swim in pop-culture things? Not too many out there, but here are a few that don’t disappoint.

Funny how longings and fixations work, really. Sometimes, it’s all about Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones, Colin Ferrel and Matthew McConaughey. However, some other times, anyone could use an offbeat TV series to watch. Perhaps, something foreign, outlandish or merely a thing from the mundanities of life. Don’t point at Friends already! It is time for the underrated shows to step up.

TV Series to Watch in 2017

Vanity Fair picks five genre-exclusive TV series that are currently running and deserve a shot at. Be it sitcom or reality-TV, the best on TV makes it to the list, of course. Novice to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? Then, Arabic thriller ‘Fauda‘ is the show for you. The show revolves around the stories from both the belligerents’ perspectives.

Speaking of foreign series and middle-east conflicts, Le Bureau des Légendes is another show to watch out for. The series is sombre and deliberate, but quaintly intense, nonetheless. Also, the French language and the actors altogether deliver an impeccable performance. The ugly side of covert operations and its operatives shown in its entirety, indeed.

An aberrant inclusion in the list is the reality-TV, Project Runway Junior. Twelve contestants lock horns to win a ticket to take their career to new heights. Besides, the prize in question here is a prestigious scholarship, an entire studio and lots of cash! Lot is in the pot, but the journey to the pot is quite grueling, of course.

TV Series to Watch: Comedy

What is life without some levity, eh? Come ‘Detectorists‘ – a comedy series on the life of two metal detectorists who are looking for more than just scrap. Starring the likes of Toby James, this series has everything  that takes to give a good few laughs.

TV Land’s comedy show, Teachers, revolves around the interconnected lives of six elementary school teachers. The catch here is that the teachers’ lives aren’t together too. Their struggles and distorted perspectives collide in their effort to mold young minds to develop. However, they do their thing and do it hilariously!

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