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Feud Season 2: Prince Charles Versus Diana, We’ll Finally Know What Went Down Between Them

The first season of Ryan Murphy’s latest anthology series is yet to premiere. However, the Feud season 2 has a premise already!

FX’s Feud is gearing up for its debut season consisting of 8 episodes starting from March 5, 2017. Additionally, the maiden season will delve into the bitter rivalry between Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. The scope is on the backstage tussle during the production of their 1962 film ‘What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?Feud season 2, on the other hand, is going big diving into the rabbit hole of Prince Charles and Princess Diana saga.

Feud Season 2: Charles And Diana

Popsugar confirms the renewal of Feud for the second season before the premieres of the first season. The first season brings the infamous rivalry between two of the biggest actresses in 1960’s contemporary Hollywood. Bette Davis and Joan Crawford roles will be played by Susan Sarandon and Jessica Lange respectively. In the wake of high anticipation surrounding the first season, it’s only right that the renewal follows. Better yet, with the Charles and Diana story.

A love lost in time, a marriage gone awry and a legacy outliving the brevity of Diana’s life makes for a compelling premise, no doubt. Yet, that’s a road many dare not tread. Not for the sake of royal connection, but the controversy it will evoke. No matter how thin vieled the delivery is, a backlash is a part and parcel of such an attempt. Perhaps, that’s where Ryan Murphy stands out.

As long as FX has his back, there is no stopping Ryan. He will begin Charles and Diana story from the scratch and dig deeper. Besides, there are many other players in the equation, thanks to the infidelities and liaisons. Ryan is fully aware of the gravity of such a project and he is setting things in motion, as we speak.

Charles And Diana

Born into a noble family herself, Diana’s path leading to Charles wasn’t a happenstance. Charles was in pursuit of a wife after a few affairs leading nowhere. Their marriage was largely good for the first five years before the downfall. Charles’ affinity towards Camilla Parker Bowles got the better of him, finally culminating to a divorce.

It was indeed Diana who went berserk in the aftermath of the divorce. She had more than a few relationships before meeting a tragic end. Her charisma lives through generations after her demise. Despite the conspiracies, conflicting accounts and obscurity, Charles and Diana story intrigues writers and movie makers to this day. Feud season 2 is a long way from seeing the light of the day – albeit – worth the wait.

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