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Fargo Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot: Everything To Know

FX is back on fans radar with details on the impending Fargo season 3. Just in time for 2017 Emmy eligibility, I might add!

Contrary to the way big-screen works, long running TV shows have to necessarily be consistent. Shows like Rome and True Detective set some exceptional standards in the debut season, but took a downhill in subsequent seasons. Albeit, not Fargo. What started with the likes of Martin Freeman and Billy Bob Thornton is showing no signs of cessation anytime soon. Matter of fact, it is indeed burgeoning with success – season after season. Latest details emerging for the Fargo season 3 is upping the ante already.

Fargo Season 3: Cast and Plot

Scottish actor Ewan McGregor will play both Emmit and Ray Stussy – brothers, who have nothing else in common. To be precise, Emmit is an embodiment of American success story and Ray lurks in his brother’s shadows. Ray is jealous and his maliciousness is getting the better of him. Ray’s balding head and pot-belly isn’t making anything easy for him. Besides, he’s barely making ends meet working as a parole officer and Emmit has his contempt.

As Variety reports, Ray holds his brother accountable for his misfortunes. The animosity leads to a theft, a subsequent murder and finally culminates to an all-out violence involving mobsters. That brings us to the leading ladies of the third season of FX anthology series.

The Leftovers‘ Carrie Coon stars as Gloria Burgle, a stern chief of police in a conundrum of her own. Her inability to comprehend the gizmo-world is taking its toll on her more than her divorce situation. In a scene involving Gloria on a plane, she feels a sense of poignancy looking at the passengers hooked to their phones. It’s strange to Gloria – alien even – that people resort to technology over human connection.

Fargo Season 3: Temperament

It’s indeed remarkable to see how show runner Noal Hawley delves into the visceral side of his characters. He could just stick to the usual trope and call it a field day with plethora of awards. However, he contemplates an anomaly – an anomaly to fixate the viewers. In that vein, Noah crafts another outlandish character in BrainDead‘s Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead plays Ray’s alluring girlfriend, Nikki Swango. Nikki, a parolee herself, has a penchant towards competitive bridge. Famous actor David Thewlis is the missing piece of the puzzle, playing V.M. Vargas – a recluse and an enigma working for people who don’t take ‘no’ for an answer.

The third season premieres on April 19 on FX.

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