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Fairy Tail Movie Dragon Cry: 400 Years Ago with Irene Belserion and Anna Heartfilia

Fairy Tail will finally release its second movie this 2017, and it’s going to be about Dragons! Yes, you read that right. The title of the upcoming movie, Fairy Tail Movie Dragon Cry screams dragon slayers, wars, and fierce battle between badass characters.

The studio first announced the existence of the upcoming project in May 2016. However, by the end of the year, Hiro Mashima gave a clue about the upcoming movie via his twitter account. The author suspiciously timed his announcement after the revelations about Irene Belserion’s past. Could the two have correlations with each other?

Irene Belserion Might Be The Main Character In The Movie

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Hiro Mashima posted on twitter his thoughts that maybe he could already announce about the upcoming movie. This was back on Dec. 19, 2016, right after the release of chapter 514. This chapter revealed Irene’s past and how she invented the Dragon Slayer Magic in order to fight in the war.

In chapter 514, The Dragon Seed, Irene revealed to Erza and Wendy that she enchanted Dragon magic into humans to create Dragon Slayer Magic. This helped humans to fight alongside their dragons in order to win the war against evil dragons. However, the magic overwhelmed and consumed its bearer making them slay both dragons and humans.

The Dragon Slayers who used their magic too much entered the dragonification state. Irene also started growing dragon scales which shocked her followers. Succeeding chapters showed pregnant Irene’s past after the humans turned against her out of fear.

Fairy Tail Movie Dragon Cry Should Finally Show Anna Heartfilia

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One of the most mysterious character, Anna Heartfilia, hopefully, gets some screentime in the upcoming movie. Lucy’s ancestor from 400 years ago and also an excellent celestial mage, opened the eclipse gate to transport the little dragon slayers into the future. The manga never said anything how she came about Zeref and the Eclipse project.

The original eclipse project was for Zeref to save Natsu from dying, however, he later abandoned the idea. He met Anna Heartfilia and together they devised a plan to send the Dragon Slayers 400 years into the future. This was because their current time lacked Ethernano, thus defeating Acnologia became impossible.

We seriously can’t get enough of Fairy Tail and hopefully, the upcoming movie will give light to the past. Fairy Tail manga might end this year but after all the plot twists, a movie that comes in line with the story is what Mashima needs to tie loose ends. Watch out for more Fairy Tail Movie Dragon Cry updates!

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