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Fairy Tail Manga Possibly Ending Next Year; Get All The Details!

Fairy Tail manga hypes up everyone reading it as revelations after revelations arise. In Chapter 513, Irene finally revealed her relationship with Erza. She’s apparently the former Queen of the Dragons, Irene Belserion.

Although Erza’s father’s identity remains a mystery, several theories arise from these little information from this last chapter. Erza could be the daughter of Irene and Igneel, the Fire Dragon King, which makes her Natsu’s sister but only by relation. Natsu recognizes Igneel as his real father; however, he and Zeref are brothers which means Natsu has real human parents.

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Another theory is that Acnologia, the self-proclaimed King of the Dragons, fathered Erza. Erza could be the result of an unwanted pregnancy on Irene’s part which explains her indifference towards her daughter. The next chapters will reveal Erza and Irene’s battle and their past together.

Fairy Tail at it’s Height, Will Soon End

With the loose ends connecting, fans are wary of the impending end of the manga. The manga is now at the ultimate war between the Alvarez Empire and Ishgar. Zeref’s army with the Spriggan 12 still continues to advance but meanwhile, the Fairy Tail Guild together with the other mighty guilds of Ishgar like Sabertooth and Mermaid Heel, things look good from the Ishgar’s side.

Fairy Tail Manga seems to have copied the Trojan war as the Alvarez Empire aims to capture the Fairy Heart which is the FT Guild’s first master, Mavis Vermillon. With one secret out, we may expect more but only to tie the loose ends of the manga.

Fairy Tail Manga Secrets Waiting to be Revealed

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The succeeding chapters in the manga will probably mostly focus on the fight between the two empires. Natsu, still unconscious, will have to heal first before he could fight. Lucy’s relationship with Anna Heartfilia still remains a mystery. Considering Hiro Mashima’s style, the heroine always plays a major in the ending of each manga.

Lucy could be the key to stop END from becoming a real demon in order for Natsu to live as Natsu and Grey most likely won’t continue their fight. Meanwhile, there is Acnologia still stuck in the middle of nowhere, as the last battle most likely happen between Natsu and Acnologia. This way, Zeref, the most lovable villain ever, won’t have to die.

ONE Magic remains a mystery and we predict that this will be revealed in the end which Natsu and the other Fairy Tail members to defeat Acnologia. Perhaps, Lucy knew all along that ONE Magic is actually Love? Her mother, knew about the origin of magic and this knowledge perhaps was passed down onto Lucy.

Watch out for more Fairy Tail Manga updates.

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