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Fairy Tail Manga Chapter 517 Anna Heartfilia and Her Connection With Acnologia

Fairy Tail Manga Chapter 517 entitled Wendy Belserion would surely show the unexpected fight between Erza and her comrade, Wendy.

Irene enchanted herself into Wendy’s body thus making it difficult for Erza to fight all out. Two characters, however, remain a mystery despite claims of their overwhelming powers.

Anna Heartfilia and Acnologia May Have Known Each Other

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Anna Heartfilia and Acnologia both lived 400 years ago. Although Anna’s history remains unknown, we know that she most probably got married, had children and continued the Heartfilia line. However, the reasons how she came about the Eclipse and Zeref continues to haunt us.

We know that the Heartfilia family is known to be financially powerful holding great influence. The Celestial Spirit Mages from their family own not just one but several out of the 12 Celestial Keys. At some point, Acnologia’s name resounded all over the Earthland when he proclaimed himself as the King of All Dragons. This could be how Anna came to know of Acnologia or they might have fought against each other.

Fairy Tail Manga Chapter 517 Irene Belserion’s Motives

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Irene Belserion now inhabits the body of Wendy which will surely make Erza hesitate when attacking. We know that with Irene’s former dragon body, Erza and Wendy’s chances of defeating her would be close to impossible. After Irene transferred inside Wendy’s body, she said that her magic power decreased a bit.

Still, Irene’s power even impressed Acnologia which means even it decreased a bit, Erza couldn’t still defeat her. With this, we still keep questioning Irene’s motive after seeking Erza and telling her everything that ‘happened’ to her. There must be something Irene is not telling us as she could easily defeat Erza, or even ignore.

Irene’s motives may have an effect on the conclusion of this mother versus daughter battle. This means that the only chance of Erza winning is when Irene gives up the battle. Unfortunately, Mashima won’t likely make the Irene Vs. Acnologia fight as it would leave everything in loose ends.

What do you think of Anna Heartfilia? Do you think she has a secret that could help Lucy? Or that she may have a deeper connection with Acnologia?

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