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Fairy Tail Manga Chapter 516 – Irene Belserion’s Ultimate Sacrifice

Fairy Tail Manga Chapter 516 won’t be out until next year but the fans have already started to squeeze every bit of information from the previous chapter.

The last chapter for 2016, I am You, You are Me, revealed Irene’s past and how she ended up hating the humans. It also revealed that Irene tried to enchant herself into Erza’s body in order to become human again.

Fairy Tail Manga Chapter 516 – The Truth Behind Irene’s Enchantment

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Chapter 516 will reveal the secret behind Irene’s enchantment as it was pretty obvious Irene didn’t tell everything about it. Irene abruptly ended her story by telling Erza that she just dumped her like a trash after giving birth. Erza’s mother, however, didn’t explain how it all happened. This seemed odd that she left this detail out considering that she tried to give birth for 100 years.

The reason for Irene leaving such an important detail could be a clue as to what her purpose really is. Irene goes out of her way to provoke Erza even though both made it clear that they would fight each other because they’re both enemies in the war. We clearly see from Erza’s calm demeanor that she never cared whether Irene called her a trash.

Irene Sacrificed Herself For Erza To Live A Normal Life

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The only thing Irene said about her enchantment was that it was supposed to put her soul into the fetus inside her body. Irene felt desperate to become human again after she became a dragon. She said she lost interest in her child and that her enchantment failed so she dumped Erza in a small village.

How did Irene manage to give birth to Erza? Erza stayed inside Irene’s womb for more than 100 years; is it possible that Erza was stillborn?  If this indeed was the case, then the only possible way for Erza to live normally is by Irene giving her part of her life. Which means that Irene sacrificed herself for her child. And Irene is an overpowered character because no one can really kill her but Erza.

If the next chapter reveals this important plot twist, we are bound to get feels stronger than the Ur-Ultear events. Leave your thoughts in the comments section below and watch out for more Fairy Tail Manga 516 updates!

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