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Fairy Tail Manga Chapter 515 Spoilers: How Irene Will Make It Up To Erza

Fairy Tail Manga Chapter 514 is out and things still look confusing and questions still bother us, readers. First of all, the last chapter revealed that Irene is indeed Erza’s mother and that she’s the former Queen of all Dragons. She did not explain what a Queen of Dragons actually is or what she can do, however.

This latest chapter, Irene introduced to us the backstory of how the Dragon War started.

Dragon War Started From The Goodness of The Dragons

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The chapter started out giving the reader a grasp of how the Ishgar used to be 400 years ago when Dragons and humans coexist. Irene was hailed as a queen and alongside her was a dragon called Lord Belserion who vowed to protect her. His relationship with Irene remains unclear, though. In the first part, a conflict grows between the East and the West between the Good and the Evil Dragons.

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War broke out and the Evil dragons were winning so Irene thought of putting the dragon’s magic inside a human’s body. Irene, then, invented the dragon slayer magic and they were at an advantage in the war. The human bodies, however, couldn’t control the dragon slayer magic which is why they started getting motion sickness and dragon scales including Irene. At that time, Irene carries Erza in her womb.

Irene Keeps All The Truth From Erza, Natsu Will Reveal Everything

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Near the last part of the chapter, Natsu was at his subconscious talking to Gajeel and Wendy. Wendy said that Natsu is near at discovering the whole truth from his memory. If Natsu wakes up, he might as well know what Irene does.

Irene, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to intend to stop the fight between her and Erza. It could be that she would reveal a lie that would make Erza want to kill her which has been what Irene intends to do. A previous chapter showed a side of Irene which she acts bitterly about how people would stop loving an ugly person.

Irene must have been shunned and feared by humans when she started having dragon scales. Also, her invention of dragon slayer magic resulting to possibly the death of many people made her feel guilty. These happenings may have resulted to Irene fleeing to Alvarez and joining Zeref in hopes of finding Erza. Furthermore, Irene and Zeref both have the same objective and that is dying from the hands of someone they cherish.

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