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Fairy Tail Manga Chapter 515: Erza May Not Have A Father

It seems that every chapter, the Fairy Tail manga reveals more and more secrets of its characters. The latest chapter revealed that Irene invented the Dragon Slayer Magic which turned its users into dragons. Irene’s skin also slowly turned into dragon scales while she carries Erza in her womb. Next week, Fairy Tail Manga Chapter 515 will debut in Weekly Jump.

One question that remains unanswered is regarding the identity of Erza’s father. Lord Belserion, a dragon who served Irene Belserion, did not hint any romantic relationship with the latter. Furthermore, the timeline of the event did not match Irene’s story as Belserion would have been busy by the time Irene got pregnant.

Fairy Tail Manga Chapter 515 “I am You… You Are Me” Meaning

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In the previous chapters, Irene said, “I am you, you are me”, when Erza asked for her identity. The meaning behind these words remain a mystery but perhaps, it hints the real relationship between the two. This could mean that perhaps, Erza did grow inside Irene’s womb but as a result of the Dragon Slayer Magic she enchanted upon herself.

The last chapter’s title could translate into “The Dragon’s Origin” or “The Dragon Seed” which the latter could pertain to Erza. For Irene’s word to make sense, Erza should be a part of Irene’s soul. Irene may have put the Dragon Slayer Magic inside Erza or Erza may be a dragon just waiting to transform.

Erza’s Birth Surpasses Time and Space

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In the Mangastream translation of the last chapter, the opening panel describes Irene and Erza’s relationship as ‘forbidden’. This could mean that the Dragnov Kingdom or the country Ishgar treats the circumstances of Erza’s birth as a taboo. Irene must have created Erza using the Dragon’s Magic in order to use the body as an escape vessel when the time comes that Irene would need Erza’s body.

Irene can cast an enchantment to inanimate objects while also giving them personalities. If Irene did this to Erza, it would not be a wonder if it would be considered inhumane. Stay tuned for more Fairy Tail Manga Chapter 515 updates!

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