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Fairy Tail Manga Chapter 515 – END’s Awakening; More Jerza Moments

Literally, the END is near for the Fairy Tail manga as everything starts to unravel while loose ends get connected in every chapter. In the last chapter, Irene Belserion revealed how she created the Dragon Slayer Magic which apparently turned its users into dragons themselves. Meanwhile, Natsu still travels through his memories to find out the truth of the past. What will the next chapter, Fairy Tail Manga Chapter 515 bring to us?

The last chapter focused on Irene’s story about the time when the war called Dragon King Festival started. Aside from Irene’s story, the chapter showed Natsu going through his unconscious. He seems to reach the old memories locked up inside his mind; or are those simply just memories?

Fairy Tail Manga Jellal x Erza Moments Soon!

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Perhaps, one of the most frustrating ships in FT is the Jellal and Erza ship. The childhood friends’ feelings for each other are known to the readers but not entirely between each other. Maybe Mashima will once again ignite his Jerza shippers as he gives a scene where Jellal fights August as he reveals fights for the one he loves.

Erza might also reveal that she has someone she loves despite the sins the person has committed. This could trigger Irene’s self-forgiveness because she might feel guilty for inventing the dragon slayer magic.

I Am You… You Are Me: Natsu Finds END

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Hiro Mashima’s art style and FT’s story really captivated the readers’ interest and kept them hooked even after 500 chapters. We could not deny, however, that FT reeks of clichè plot like how the MC has an OP demon trapped inside his body (Naruto, anyone?). During the Tartaros arc, Zeref revealed END is indeed Etherios Natsu Dragneel whom Igneel failed to defeat.

Now, as Natsu lays unconscious while END slowly awakens inside him, he goes through his memories because Wendy from Natsu’s memory revealed to him that Irene invented the dragon slayer magic. This could mean that as he goes further, he finds END and they would talk to each other. END could then reveal that he and Natsu are just one entity, thus the chapter’s title I am You, You are Me.

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Mashima not only once mislead his readers but he likes to do it all the time. The next chapter’s title could just be one of those times when Mashima trolls his reader as he clearly enjoys doing so. Stay tuned for more Fairy Tail Manga updates!

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