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Fairy Tail Manga Chapter 515 – END Finally Shows Up, Irene Kills Jellal

Fairy Tail Manga Chapter 515 won’t be out until next week but that doesn’t stop fans from speculating what would happen in the next chapter. Chapter 514 revealed that Irene Belserion invented the Dragon Slayer Magic which turned its users into dragons.

Meanwhile, Natsu remains unconscious but his mind wanders through his memories of the past.

Natsu Finds END in His Subconscious

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The scene where the main character wanders through his subconscious and then finally meeting the demon trapped inside him is too familiar. We can remember that Naruto did it once, and he has dead parents too. It will no longer surprise the readers if the same thing happens to Natsu.

The Fairy Tail’s latest chapter, I am You, You are Me, could be about Etherios Natsu Dragneel or END. Mashima might as well troll his readers by using a misleading title which is something he likes to do. Natsu already knows that END resides inside him, but we don’t know what will happen if END awakens, but there are predictions regarding this event.

Fairy Tail and Rave Master Pattern

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Hiro Mashima wrote Rave Master way before Fairy Tail got published in the Weekly Shounen Jump. In the Rave Master, Ellie who resembles Lucy has some extreme destructive power inside her called Etherion. Haru, the main character, also had a powerful mythical creature called Endless inside him. Near the end of the manga, Ellie destroyed Endless using the Etherion resulting to Haru’s apparent death.

Fairy Tail’s heroine Lucy possesses a past shrouded by mysteries while her Celestial Magic can do things impossible with space and time barriers. This ability might be the key to sealing permanently or even destroying the demon END.

Fairy Tail Manga Chapter 515: Irene Kills Jellal to Provoke Erza?

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Questions regarding Irene’s story’s authenticity still remains and Erza might hesitate to kill her biological mother. If Irene tries to provoke Erza by telling her stories about her ‘ugliness’, she will only fail. Erza is known for her forgiving character; she forgave Jellal even after Simon’s death.

The only possible way for Irene to provoke Erza is by killing someone close to the latter, like Jellal or Wendy (because Wendy fights alongside Erza). These predictions are based on clues and patterns of Hiro Mashima’s stories.

The author anticipates the release of the new chapter but we know for sure, however, is that the true OP in FT manga is friendship and love. And one more thing, nobody dies in Fairy Tail. Stay tuned for more Fairy Tail Manga Chapter 515 updates!

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