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Fairy Tail Manga Chapter 514 Spoilers: Erza Just May be the Queen of All Dragons

Shounen jump released the new Fairy Tail manga chapter 513 and it confirmed our theory that Eileen is indeed Erza’s mother! In the latest chapter, Eileen revealed the secret herself while she and Erza were fighting. Erza denies Eileen’s claims and says that her only parent is Makarov, Fairy Tail Guild’s current master. The two then continue their battle saying that they’re each other’s enemy.

Irene Belserion, the former Queen of All Dragons!

The Scarlet Despair Irene revealed her real name as Irene Belserion, the former Queen of All Dragons. Now that she revealed that she is indeed Erza’s mother, what does that make Erza? The new Queen of Dragons! The last panel in the manga showed a younger Irene with a shorter sword and behind her is an unidentified silhouette of a dragon.

Fairy Tail Manga: Who is the father?

Two separate theories regarding Erza’s father’s identity circulate the fan bases. First, Igneel, the Fire Dragon King fathered Erza. All dragons respected Igneel and if Irene was indeed the Queen of Dragons, it makes sense that the two were actually lovers. This theory, however, does not support Irene’s dark and cruel personality.

Another theory supports Irene and Acnologia’s past together. Acnologia proclaimed himself as the King of All Dragons. This theory explains Irene’s bitterness when she transformed Princess Hisui into a mouse and asked Hisui’s father if he still loves his daughter despite her appearance. It makes sense if Acnologia forced his way on Irene, making Irene feel unsightly.

Was Irene banished?

Because she was bearing the seed of an evil dragon king, Irene was banished from Ishgar, which explains why she bears loyalty towards the Alvarez empire. Her scar on her stomach could be from forcing to deliver Erza by an operation.

However, when Acnologia met Irene during the Alvarez arc, Irene introduced herself to Acnologia. This scene contradicts the Acnologia x Irene theory. It could be that Acnologia is not Erza’s father, or he forgot about Irene and did not recognize her. After all, Irene changed drastically from her younger self.

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