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Fairy Tail Chapter 525 Spoilers: Series About To End; Zeref’s Son Revealed

Fairy Tail chapter 525 takes off from the last chapter’s story that featured Zeref and Natsu. The manga recently showed Zeref and Gray in a dangerous situation where he sacrificed himself to protect his friends. With the series approaching the end of this arc, the series is said to take a bow soon. What will happen with Zeref and Natsu? Read on to find out!

Fairy Tail Chapter 524 Recap

Last chapter kicked off with Natsu and Zeref fighting each other. In the end, Natsu declares a truce saying he does not have the time to deal with such “shallow” fight. Meanwhile, Acnologia also finds Irene’s body, after he accepts the fact that she is the one responsible for creating Dragon Slayer Magic.

Asia Starz notes that the last chapter revealed Zeref and Spriggan 12’s purpose for attacking Magnolia and the guild. Apparently, the gang was after Mavis’ Fairy Heart which is said to give Zeref enough power to defeat Acnologia. In a morbid twist, the dragon smashed Eileen’s body as a way of revenge for giving humans the power to defeat dragons.

Fairy Tail Chapter 525 Spoilers: Who Is Zeref’s Son?

The upcoming chapter is said to focus on the unhappy childhood of Zeref. Entitled Why Was His Majesty’s Child Not Loved, fans of the series know that the term His Majesty is often used to refer to Zeref. That said, chapter 525 may finally reveal the identity of Zeref’s son. The chapter will barely touch base on Acnologia’s story, so fans better not expect much from where last episode left the character.

Speculations are rife saying that Zeref’s son is August. Fans will remember that August gets angry easily when the subject about family is brought up. In the previous chapter, August sadly shared that he has never felt the unconditional love from a parent. If he is indeed Zeref’s son, it won’t be much of a surprise why his childhood was not explained very well in the series.

With chapter 525 underway, many fans have also been taking to social media to express their sadness about the show ending soon. Reports say that the series actually entered its final arc with chapter 525 to be the last one. Such information allegedly appeared on the official website for the anime’s upcoming movie Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry which is set to hit theaters in May.

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