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Fairy Tail Chapter 522: Gray’s Trump Card Is Something We’ve Always Known

Fairy Tail Chapter 522 is out and Mashima sends us his early Valentine’s day news as the magazine will release two chapters next week! In the previous chapter, August stands at the top of the Kaldia Cathedral as the last Spriggan 12 remaining. As he casts his magic that will destroy the entire kingdom, Gildarts finally shows up to beat him to pulp!

Fairy Tail Chapter 522 Battle of The Badasses: August and Gildarts

Despite being the strongest FT mage, Gildarts rarely shows up in any arcs. However, when he shows up, he guarantees to win the fight. The only character who defeated Gildarts is the main villain himself, Acnologia.

We expect that the fight between Gildarts and August will be muscle versus brains. Although we know that Gildarts has a destructive magic, he never showed the ability to do enchantments or high-level magic. August, on the other hand, knows all types of magic according to Makarov.

We don’t know yet as to what happened to Jellal and hopefully, August didn’t beat him to death. We know that the Universe One’s effects reverted back which resulted to the entire Earthland transforming back to the way it used to be. Unfortunately, this arc never showed Jellal’s true potential either and he fails to defeat his enemy, again.

 Gray Versus Zeref Fight To Become Natsu’s Rightful Brother

Natsu never knew Zeref as his brother as the former doesn’t remember anything from his life before his resurrection. He, however, sees Gray as his brother together with the other Fairy Tail Guild mages. Gray and Natsu grew up together which is why Gray now knows more about Natsu’s personality more than Zeref.

Just like any other fights in the manga, Zeref vs. Gray will probably have dramatic dialogues. In the previous chapter, Zeref apologized to Natsu as he faced Gray which means that he will go all out against Gray. With Gray’s physical state, he couldn’t possibly beat Zeref with what little power he has left.

The only way for Gray to defeat Zeref is by using his ultimate sacrifice magic – Iced Shell. Gray learned Iced Shell from his mentor, Ur who sacrificed herself to cast Deliora inside an unmeltable ice. Using this technique, however, requires all of the life force of the wizards who casts it.

Will Gray sacrifice himself so that Natsu won’t have to die killing his own brother? Watch out for more Fairy Tail Chapter 522  updates, predictions, and spoilers!

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