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Fairy Tail Chapter 522 and 523 Double Chapter Spoilers! Gray’s Trump Card Revealed!

Brace yourselves, as Hiro Mashima treats us this Valentine’s with the double chapters Fairy Tail Chapter 522 and 523! The previous chapter showed the start of the fight between 4 badasses, Zeref versus Grays and August versus Gildarts.  The two chapters will most probably give us short but relevant fights between the two sides which will affect the entire course of the story.

Fairy Tail Chapter 522 and 523 Death Flag For Gray?

Gray Fullbuster probably has the most number of near death scenes in Fairy Tail manga. In the Grand Magic Games Arc, he technically died but due to the time reversal magic Ultear casted, he got away from death. In the latest arc too, he tried to kill himself simultaneously with Juvia while fighting Invel Yura.

The previous chapter showed a heavily wounded Gray finding Zeref in the Fairy Tail Guild’s building. Zeref then apologizes to Natsu at the back of his mind as he stands to face Gray. This means that Zeref prepares to fight Gray without reservations even if it means killing his brother’s best friend.

Despite being powerful due to his newly acquired devil slayer magic, Gray’s physical state prevents him from having any chance against Zeref. Although he could use Iced Shell in order to defeat Zeref, either way, he will die in the process. If Gray dies this time, even Wendy might not be able to save him.

August Versus Gildarts, Who’s The Baddest Old Man?

Gildarts, the highest ranked mage in the Fairy Tail Guild, came just in time before August could cast a spell that will annihilate the entire Kingdom. Makarov introduced August as the most intelligent mage in the Alvarez empire as he knows more magic than Zeref. Although Brandish said that he is the one that could be reasoned with, the FT Guild lost its chance when Doranbolt betrayed August’s trust.

We expect a full fight between Gildarts and August as the former doesn’t really do much talking when he fights. At last, we would finally get to see Gildarts and his true abilities as the strongest mage in the FT Guild. In the history of Earthland, Gildarts never lost to anybody but Acnologia who inflicted heavy damage to his body.

Now that the war draws to a conclusion, the survivors will soon face the real enemy, Acnologia. The only reason for Zeref to attack Fiore was to capture Fairy Heart. Now with only August on his side and the effects of Universe One gone, Acnologia will now come back in Magnolia where we last saw him.

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