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Fairy Tail Chapter 521, All Bad Guys Have A Sad Backstory, Including Acnologia

Fairy Tail Chapter 521 isn’t due to come out until next week but we anticipate the return of the main villain, Acnologia. In the previous chapter, Irene supposedly died by suicide and the effect of Universe one reverted back. The Universe One that Irene enchanted changed the entire geographical structure of the entire Earthland.

Fairy Tail chapter 521 Acnologia’s Returned, Is He Pissed Off?

Last time we saw Acnologia, Irene Belserion threw him in the middle of nowhere to borrow time. Irene managed to impress Acnologia using her powers but we assume that it won’t be enough to actually defeat the main villain. We assume that he could be pissed off or that he gets even more excited knowing that certain mages can stand up to him.

Perhaps, one good thing about Fairy Tail Manga is that it never leaves out even the meanest villain it has. In the previous arcs, we usually see villains’ backstories and their reason for their actions. The only arc where its villains didn’t get any backstory are the demons of the Tartaros arc.

It would be exciting to see a backstory for Acnologia. So far, we only know little bits about him like he proclaimed himself King of All Dragons. We also know him as someone looking for a worthy opponent and that he killed both dragons and humans before.

Similarity In Natsu and Acnologia’s Appearance

Surprisingly, no one seemed to notice but Acnologia and Natsu bear a striking resemblance with one another. We know Fairy Tail for its great character designs and Mashima plans how a character would look. To prove this, Mashima posted his character design plans for Irene Belserion, many chapters before her manga debut.

The similarity in character design between Natsu and Acnologia could hint a major plot twist in Fairy Tail. The similarity showed up when Natsu sported a long hair after his one-year training. Their height and hair even their facial features bear uncanny resemblance.

It would be a mind-blowing plot twist if it’s revealed that Acnologia used to be like Natsu in terms of personality. Or that Acnologia and Anna used to be friends just like Natsu and Lucy. There might be an underlying reason why Acnologia looks for a worthy opponent.

Does Acnologia want death too, just like Zeref? Or did he lost all his hope in humanity due to events 400 years ago? Watch out for more Fairy Tail Chapter 521 predictions, spoilers, and updates.

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