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Fairy Tail Chapter 520: Natsu Chooses His Identity As Demon Or A Dragon

Fairy Tail Chapter 520 will finally show us what we’ve been waiting for. For weeks, we’ve been eagerly waiting for Natsu to finally show his END form. Back in the previous chapters, Natsu remained in his unconscious state while he wandered through his memories.

Fairy Tail Chapter 520 The Dragon Seed Versus The Demon Seed

In his memories, Natsu sees his dragon father, Igneel as he explains the nature of his power and how the END seed eats his Dragon seed. Igneel explained that the Demon Seed End planted into him by Zeref slowly eats the Dragon Seed planted by the Dragon Slayer enchantment. While we still don’t know what will show up at the end of Natsu’s dream, we hope that he will get a chance to choose whether to become a demon or a dragon.

END As Natsu’s Death, Who Could Revive Him?

In his subconscious, Natsu acknowledges that he is slowly ‘dying’. Natsu dies in a sense that when he finally transforms into END, he will lose himself and can no longer think like a normal human. Hopefully, there will be a magic that could save Natsu from succumbing to the dark side but still defeat Acnologia.

END’s original purpose was to defeat Zeref; but if Natsu kills Zeref, he dies too. Although Zeref acts as the main villain in the FT manga, he has a good nature but he only gets corrupted by the curse of Ankhseram. Fortunately, FT rarely kills its characters, especially the good ones.

RAVE Master Manga And FT Manga Connection

Hiro Mashima’s other completed manga, RAVE Master, has a plot similar to Fairy Tail. Both manga has main characters, Eli and Natsu, with hidden powers in them. In Rave Master, Haru gets absorbed by the power of Endless but Eli destroys the Endless killing Haru in the process.

Meanwhile, Lucy might be able to stop END using her celestial magic. Layla Heartfilia talked about the ONE magic like she knows about it but just keeps the knowledge a secret. Lucy might have inherited Anna Heartfilia’s skills as a celestial mage and maybe she could discover the ONE magic on her own.

Watch out for more Fairy Tail Chapter 520 updates, spoilers, and predictions.

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