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Fairy Tail Chapter 517 Wendy Belserion: Little Dragon Slayer’s Sacrifice

Fairy Tail Chapter 517 Wendy Belserion won’t be out until next week, however, fans anticipate what might come after Irene Belserion enchanted her soul into Wendy.

In the previous chapter, Irene revealed that there must be a ‘similarity’ between her and the body of the person she’s going to enchant herself in. Although not clear, this could mean that only two humans with Dragon Soul can exchange souls.

Fairy Tail Chapter 517 Wendy Belserion Vs. Irene Belserion Vs. Erza

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Now that Irene is inside Wendy’s body, the whereabouts of Wendy’s soul remains unclear. It would make perfect sense if it’s still inside her own body which means Irene failed to evict Wendy’s soul. If thus is the case, then the fight would be threeway between Wendy, Irene, and Erza.

Although fighting on Erza’s side, Wendy will no longer be in control of her body. Because of this, Erza will surely have trouble fighting Irene now that Wendy’s life is on the line. Wendy, however, may fight Irene by a power struggle inside her body.

Little Dragon Slayer’s Sacrifice

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Wendy, although the youngest Dragon Slayer, is known for her selfless acts. During the Tartaros Arc, she was willing to cast magic to stop the Face, a weapon of mass destruction, even if it means dying as a result. This means that with Irene inside Wendy’s body, the latter may tell Erza that she’s willing to die in order to defeat Irene.

Wendy dying may be the only way to stop Irene from her plans along with the Spriggan 12 to wipe out humanity. This, or if Irene would reconcile with her daughter in the end. After all, Irene’s true objective remains unknown. She says that Erza no longer matters to her yet she went out of her way to find her.

Irene Belserion’s True Objective

Irene Belserion aka The Scarlet Despair appeared more that 10 chapters ago in the Fairy Tail Manga. At first, we had a clue of her existence when Neinhart suspected Erza to be someone related to Irene. It’s odd how Neinhart knows about Erza which means Irene tells her comrades about her past and how Erza could be identified. This is because Irene claimed to have no affection whatsoever towards Erza after she tried her enchantment.

How do you think- will Wendy and Erza defeat Irene? Watch out for more Fairy Tail Chapter 517 Wendy Belserion updates!

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