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Fairy Tail Chapter 517 – Irene May Not Be Telling The Truth

Fairy Tail Chapter 517 is out and Irene Belserion looks more evil than before. In the latest chapter, Erza together with Wendy and Irene battle it out. Irene then finds out that the young Dragon Slayers avoided dragonification with the help of their respective Dragon parents.

Irene then lashes out saying that it’s unfair that she turned into a dragon and that she wants her human body back. As Erza delivers the finishing blows, Irene suddenly smiles and tells her that she now understands the true nature of the enchantment. The last page then reveals Irene inside Wendy’s body.

Fairy Tail Chapter 517 Wendy Belserion

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The next chapter entitled, Wendy Belserion, pretty much sums up what we could expect. We expect that it would be about Erza fighting Irene inside Wendy’s body. This will be a problem for Erza as she won’t be able to hurt Wendy, especially that they’re both comrades.

The only way for Erza to fight Irene is if there would be an internal struggle inside Wendy’s body. This means that even though Irene managed to come inside Wendy’s body, Wendy’s soul may still be inside as well.

What happens To Irene’s Dragon Body Now?

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The latest chapter raised a question as to what happens to Irene’s body now that her soul transferred inside Wendy’s. It could be that the body will become an empty shell, or that a part of Irene remains inside. However, if the latter is the case then Irene made herself vulnerable by making her original body open to Erza’s attacks.

We still won’t dismiss the theory that Irene’s stories about the enchantment are all lies. After all, Irene does a great job as a villain. What people also don’t notice about the Spriggan 12 is that all of them are not necessarily bad people.

DiMaria acts evil but only because she wanted to protect Brandish. Also, August is overpowered but he’s someone who could be talked into reason, according to Brandish. Most Spriggan 12 just believe that the world will be saved by obliterating the human race, including themselves.

Tell us what you think about Fairy Tail. Do you think the latest chapter was anticlimactic? Watch out for more Fairy Tail Chapter 517 updates!

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