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Fairy Tail Chapter 516 – The Truth Behind Irene’s Enchantment

Fairy Tail Chapter 516, which will come out next year, will surely give us a heartbreaking story of Irene-Erza. Even if Erza defeats Irene, the result will still be sad as fans have come to love the character, Irene.

The last chapter  this year revealed that Irene tried to enchant herself into Erza’s body but failed to do so.

The next chapter, entitled The Truth Behind Irene’s Enchantment, might reveal what Irene hides from Erza. Irene’s story contains inconsistencies even though it seems that she won’t do something more to her story. At the end of the chapter, Erza equips her with new armor while she gets ready to fight Irene.

Erza Might Not Have Survived the Pregnancy

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Irene might not be telling all about her story. According to her, she tried for more than 100 years to give birth to Erza but at the end, she wanted to use Erza’s body in order to become human again. This means that Erza grows slowly, could be like that of a dragon’s growth rate or that she died in her mother’s womb.

Erza, however, grows just like any other human because she grew up in the Fairy Tail Guild along with her friends. How was this possible when we know that Irene got pregnant 400 years ago? If hypothetically speaking, Erza was a normal human when Irene supposedly threw her away; then she should be long dead from old age.

Fairy Tail Chapter 516 – Irene Gave Erza a ‘New Life’

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Since there should be no way for Erza to have been born like a normal human, it makes sense if Irene casted an enchantment to Erza to give her a ‘new life’. This means that part of Irene’s life is now Erza’s which pertains to the last chapter’s title, I am You, You are Me.

The theory is that Erza came out as a dragon which means Irene couldn’t use Erza’s body to become human. Because of this, Irene realizes the suffering Erza would have to go through as a dragon, which is why she may have given the last piece of her humanity to Erza.

Another theory is that Erza may have been dead all along. After seeing her dead child, Irene gave a part of her life force to Erza by an enchantment. If either of the two stories is correct, this means that Irene lies to Erza. But Why?

Irene may have felt guilty for inventing the dragon slayer magic and probably wants to die from her since. However, part of the bargain from the enchantment is that she will never die unless it’s Erza who kills her. The mother and daughter’s story is bound to be a tragic one, however, there’s comfort in knowing that Mashima never kills anyone.

What do you think? Do you believe that Irene has a wicked personality or she is just like any other mother who loves her child? Tell us by commenting below and stay tuned for more Fairy Tail Chapter 516 updates and predictions!

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