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Fairy Tail Chapter 515 Spoilers: Natsu Key to Irene-Erza Feud; Erza’s Father To Be Revealed

Fairy Tail Chapter 514 came out on Dec. 12 and Irene revealed that she invented the Dragon Slayer Magic. She also introduced how the Dragon King Festival 400 years ago started, but something in her story doesn’t seem right. This could be a major plot hole Hiro Mashima didn’t see or he probably plans a major plot twist (again) which will be revealed in Fairy Tail Chapter 515!

Why Doesn’t Acnologia Remember Irene?

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In the previous chapters of the Alvarez arc, Acnologia met Irene but the former doesn’t seem to know who Irene is. Acnologia belonged to the first dragon slayers who became evil and killed all the dragons, good and bad. Furthermore, Irene was a queen, not just among the dragons but also among the humans in her country.

As among the first batch of the dragon slayers, it is impossible for Acnologia to not have known Irene. It could be from losing memories of his human life, or that Irene wasn’t telling the truth.

Erza’s Father Could Not Have Been Lord Belserion

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Irene introduced a dragon, Lord Belserion, but not as a King of the dragons. Lord Belserion said that he vowed to protect humans and Irene with all his life because humans saved his life more than once. I could not but think that there’s more to this story. Irene and Belserion were pretty close, not as lovers, but more like siblings.

Irene’s ancestors could be the ones who saved Lord Belserion and thus the latter sworn his life to protect the Belserion family. By the time when the Good Dragons were at the advantage during the war, Irene was already pregnant with Erza. This was also the time when signs of dragon scales started to appear on Irene’s face.

If we deduce the timeline, Irene could have gotten pregnant during the time when she was enchanting dragon slayer magic into the humans. In other words, this could have been the time when Irene met Erza’s father.

Fairy Tail Chapter 515: Natsu Is The Key To What Really Happened

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Natsu digs through his subconscious and he will finally know what happened 400 years ago. He doesn’t belong to the first batch of dragon slayers Irene made but he seems to know from his memories that Irene invented the dragon slayer magic. This means that either Anna Heartfilia or Igneel told him everything about the history of the Dragon King Festival.

It is pretty much obvious that Hiro Mashima’s highly popular manga Fairy Tail is filled with clichè and fanservice and the plot screams similarity to Naruto. This time, I wouldn’t be surprised if Irene would tell Erza a lie which would infuriate the latter. What do you guys think?

Stay tuned for more Fairy Tail Chapter 515 updates!

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