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Fairy Tail Chapter 515 – Know What Mashima Hides From Us

Fairy Tail Chapter 515 just revealed the identity of Erza’s father – and it’s anticlimactic! While we now know that Erza’s father was indeed a human, Erza’s real form remains unknown. We also know now where the grudge that Irene bears against humans came from.

Our predictions regarding humans fearing and torturing Irene proved to be correct. Humans imprisoned Irene and called ‘ugly’ because she slowly transformed into a dragon. Furthermore, Irene indeed tried to enchant herself into Erza’s body in order to get a human form.

Fairy Tail Chapter 515 – Irene May Be Telling Lies To Erza

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Irene’s story seems to hide some things regarding Erza’s birth. First of all, the dragon slayers, Natsu and the others, traveled to the future in 777. The Dragon King Festival happened approximately during 377 and Irene found Zeref by the year 477. From 477, she had been trying to give birth to Erza. And according to her, she enchanted herself into Erza’s body.

Erza, however, grows just like any other human. We know this because she grew up with everyone in the Fairy Tail Guild and we first saw her when she was at Rosemary Village. From Irene’s story, Erza stayed inside her womb for more than 100 years which means Erza should either be a dragon or a stillborn.

Mashima Just Wants Us To Get Our Hearts Broken By Next Year

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Towards the end of the chapter, Irene revealed that she tried to enchant herself into Erza’s body, however, she failed to do so. She never revealed how she gave birth to Erza even though she said that she tried to do so for 100 years. It seems impossible that she just gave birth so easily by failing at the enchantment without it having any effect on Erza.

This could mean that the enchantment failed because Irene never really tried to put herself into Erza’s body in the first place. Erza may have been born a dragon or that she was stillborn. Either way, Irene giving her life force to Erza could explain as to why the latter remained a human.

If Erza was indeed a dragon, Irene may have given what’s left of her humanity to Erza. This way, Erza will grow up normally so that she will never have to experience what Irene had to deal with as a dragon. If, however, Erza was stillborn, Irene may have given a part of her life force to Erza.

What do you think about the latest chapter? Do you think Irene tells the truth regarding Erza’s birth? Tell us in the comment section below and stay tuned for more Fairy Tail Chapter 515 updates!

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