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Fairy Tail 521 Acnologia’s Return; Who Will He Kill Again As Fairy Heart Plan Fails

Fairy Tail 521 The Strongest Wizard will now start the battle between Natsu and Acnologia. In the last chapter, the effect of Universe one reverted back because of Irene’s defeat. This means that Acnologia, the evil Dragon King, will return to Fiore where he arrived before Irene sent him in the middle of nowhere.

Fairy Tail 521 The Strongest Wizard: Acnologia, Natsu, Or August?

Since Irene’s defeat, The Spriggan 12 now only has August as its strongest wizard. The manga introduced August as the wizard who knows all kinds of magic that even Zeref doesn’t know about. FT still hasn’t picked a character who will face August because Jellal can’t seem to stand up against him.

It would be a shame to see Jellal getting defeated by August since Erza won against Irene, technically. Among the other characters, Jellal was supposed to be a genius mage with the power of the heavenly bodies. However, Jellal couldn’t seem to defeat anyone he faces.

We hope that Jellal will show more character development other than someone whom Erza has her eyes on. His decision to repent for his sins and fight evil was a great development for him however, he’s often dismissed as a side character just like the other mages in Fiore.

Who Will Die By Acnologia’s Hands This Time?

Acnologia’s impending return will surely result to another character’s death or the start of the real battle. Last time, Acnologia killed God Serena of the Spriggan 12 without batting an eye. This time, He might just kill anyone on his way just to get things faster.

But since Natsu woke up from his state, we expect him to intercept Acnologia as soon as possible. Although defeating him now would now lie solely on his power as a normal mage. In the last chapter, the dragon seed and the END seed already got destroyed by Natsu’s sheer willpower.

Irene’s Death Means No One Could Extract Fairy Heart Anymore?

In the previous chapters, Irene conducted the extraction of Fairy Heart from Mavis Vermillion. Fortunately, Mavis managed to escape from Irene’s clutches and now fights alongside the FT mages. Now that Irene supposedly died from suicide, could this mean that no one could continue the extraction of Fairy Heart?

That could be the case but we never know if Zeref or August could conduct the extraction. Anyway, if Natsu would think clearly, defeating Acnologia should be his priority. Zeref and his army aims to purge all of humanity and so does Acnologia. However, among the two forces, Zeref would be better to reason with than Acnologia.

Who do you think will fight next? Will it be August and Jellal or Acnologia and Natsu? Watch out for more Fairy Tail 521 predictions, spoilers and updates.

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