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Fairy Tail 520 Demon Or Dragon, Acnologia’s Back Story and Natsu’s Memories

Fairy Tail 520 Demon or Dragon, the next chapter of the manga will hopefully finally show us Natsu. From the previous chapters, Natsu wanders through his subconscious while gradually transforming into END. We last saw him talking to Igneel as the latter explains Natsu’s fate.

Fairy Tail 520 Demon Or Dragon, What Is Natsu’s True Identity?

We all know that Zeref revived his little brother, Natsu from the dead. Although there are lots of gaping plot holes in FT, we were given the notion that Natsu is END and at the same time, a dragon. Igneel explains that the demon seed END slowly devours the Dragon seed inside Natsu which would result to Natsu’s death.

Natsu will inevitably turn into END and that he will lose himself and his memories. Also, if he becomes a dragon, he will never become human again. Either way, Natsu has no option to become a human unless Mashima pulls off Natsu’s plot armor and creates a new technique to keep Natsu’s human state.

Acnologia’s True Motives, What Is His Back Story

One good thing about Hiro Mashima’s writing is that he never leaves out the bad guys’ back story. We know that Zeref plays the villain because pf his vision for the world. Eileen also became corrupted because of the betrayal and torture she received from humans.

What about the main villain, Acnologia? Mashima might be cooking up an interesting back story for the human turned evil dragon. Perhaps, Acnologia has a connection with Anna Heartfilia.

It would be interesting to see a connection between Anna and Acnologia as they both resemble Lucy and Natsu. Acnologia’s human physique reminds us of Natsu’s appearance after his one year of training during the Fairy Tail Guild disbandment.

Will Natsu’s Memories To Show His Former Life With His Family?

When Zeref revealed that they are brothers, Natsu still couldn’t accept the truth. Natsu is determined to defeat Zeref even if it means dying in the process. The only way for Natsu to change his mind is if he finally sees the truth from his own memories.

Since killing Zeref is out of the question, and the latter just wants to defeat Acnologia, perhaps in the end Natsu will fight Acnologia. If this happens, there would be no need to extract the Fairy Heart from Mavis Vermillon. Zeref and Mavis could live together as long as they break the curse of Ankhseram.

Hopefully, Lucy or Zeref could bring Natsu back to his human form after transforming into END. We still have to know the ONE magic and it’s true origins in the next chapters. In the end, let’s watch put for more Fairy Tail 520 updates, predictions and spoilers!


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