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Fairy Tail 519 Irene and Erza Reconciliation and NaLu Fanservice… Again

Fairy Tail 519 Show Me Your Smile promises scenes of feels as Erza takes on a meteorite with only her right hand. In the last chapter, Irene summons an asteroid to fall onto Erza in order to erase the latter’s existence. Although the chapter looks like a One Punch Man rip-off, we still don’t know what’s gonna happen in the next chapter.

Irene Finally Realizes She Still Cares For Erza

In the last panel of chapter 518, Irene worriedly wondered about Erza’s actions as the latter approached the incoming meteorite. She addressed Erza as her daughter and this could mean that she finally realized that she wouldn’t want to see her daughter die. Her reaction after Erza revealed her own share of misery shows her bitterness because no one stayed beside her during her miserable days.

Let’s be real, no matter how overpowered Erza is, she wouldn’t be able to survive the meteorite with broken bones. Chances are, Irene will stop the meteorite herself, or that Erza will die. Erza dying would be another impossible thing to happen in Fairy Tail manga, though.

Some might argue that we have witnessed deaths in Fairy Tail but those deaths were fake. For example, we thought Gajeel is dead but it only took one chapter before Mashima resurrected him. We thought that we won’t see Aquarius ever again but after one arc, she revealed that she could still meet with Lucy. Point is, Mashima uses death scenes to add feels moments in his manga.

So if ever Erza dies, it would be temporary but hopefully, this will ignite a heart to heart talk between Irene and Erza. Hopefully, they will finally reconcile after their fierce battle making Irene an ally of the FT guild.

Fairy Tail 519 – What The Hell Happened To Natsu Now?

We hope that, as the battle between Erza and Irene ends, we get to finally see Natsu’s state (as well as Lucy’s state of undress). In the previous chapters, Lucy lies naked beside Natsu to warm the unconscious Natsu. We imagine that everyone, especially Lucy now, panics as Natsu nears the release of the END from his body.

Hopefully we get to finally see END in the next chapters, even though it pretty much signals the last fight in the FT manga. Watch out for more Fairy Tail 519 spoilers, updates and predictions!

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